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Opening February 2015 – Fox Gym, Rotterdam!!!

A dream come true and something that we’ve both been wanting for a very long time!

From February Maarten and I will open our own gym – Fox Gym in Rotterdam.

We are creating a space that has everything you need to reach your health, fitness and physique goals. No matter if you are just beginning and starting out or an experienced athlete. We have it all under one roof.

Fox Gym, Rotterdam (

The gym has so many awesome features, including:

  • Up to 75kg Dumbbells
  • Power Racks with Resistance Band Options
  • Deadlift Platforms
  • Iron and Bumper Plates
  • Texas Barbells
  • Competition Benches
  • Plyo Boxes
  • Pull Up and Monkey Bars
  • Chains, Bands, Specialized Bars and more…
  • Personalized Health, Fitness and Wellness Programmes
  • Seminars, Meets, Workshops and One-on-One Training Sessions
  • Full Contest Prep – Team JK Coaching by Jerry Koolhoven Nbbf Bondscoach and Maarten Vos
  • Experienced and Passionate Fox Gym Team Members, Coaches and Trainers

 Equipment from:

  • Cybex
  • Hammer Strength
  • Panatta
  • Westside Barbell and others…

We cannot wait to open next year and welcome you all to the ‘grown up playground’! 

For more info:

For membership and to pre-sign up:

Welcome Home - Fox Gym, Rotterdam



47 Bikini Competition Bag Essentials (to take Backstage and to the Contest)

47 Bikini Competition Bag Essentials (

I complied this list for my last contests so thought it would be good to share in case anyone is looking for a checklist – Essentials that you need for the competition and throughout the day.

  1. Zip lock bags (to put your things in – like your bikini, jewellery, make up etc.  Since they are see-through you can easily find things.)
  2. Bikini
  3. Extra bikini (if you have that)
  4. Posing heels
  5. Extra posing heels (if you have them)
  6. Anti-slip pads for heels
  7. Black robe
  8. Black sweatpants, t-shirt / vest, hoodie
  9. Change of clothes (if you are going out after the show)
  10. Competition jewellery
  11. Make-up
  12. False eyelashes and glue
  13. League / competition passport
  14. Printed ticket
  15. Printed coach ticket (if applicable)
  16. Printed passport photo (if necessary, for your pass)
  17. Print out of the competition programme
  18. ID card
  19. Directions to and from venue
  20. Cash (for the exhibition stands / food / spray tanner / Make Up Artist)
  21. Face towel
  22. Padlock for locker / lock for bag
  23. Resistance bands (to warm up with)
  24. Flip-flops
  25. Latex gloves (to help others with their tanning)
  26. Box of tissues
  27. Mini sewing kit
  28. Safety pins
  29. Lip balm
  30. Lipstick (store in easy place for touch ups)
  31. Dental floss
  32. Bikini Bite
  33. Super glue (in case of posing suit / bikini mishaps)
  34. Hair appliances (straightener, curler)
  35. Hairspray
  36. Dry shampoo
  37. Hairbrush
  38. Hair clip (small and large)
  39. Nail file
  40. Cotton buds
  41. Water
  42. Food / snacks for throughout the day
  43. Food for post contest
  44. Phone & charger
  45. Mirror
  46. Coffee
  47. Plasters

Good luck to all the athletes who are competing this weekend and in the upcoming contests!  I’m extremely excited to be competing and hope to see you guys there… don’t forget to stop by, say hello, take some selfies and try out the yummy protein pancakes and bars at the XXL Nutrition stand :)

PS… searching for a new gym?  Fox Gym is opening in Rotterdam from February.  To join the #foxgymfam email: for more info!