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Opening February 2015 – Fox Gym, Rotterdam!!!

A dream come true and something that we’ve both been wanting for a very long time!

From February Maarten and I will open our own gym – Fox Gym in Rotterdam.

We are creating a space that has everything you need to reach your health, fitness and physique goals. No matter if you are just beginning and starting out or an experienced athlete. We have it all under one roof.

Fox Gym, Rotterdam (

The gym has so many awesome features, including:

  • Up to 75kg Dumbbells
  • Power Racks with Resistance Band Options
  • Deadlift Platforms
  • Iron and Bumper Plates
  • Texas Barbells
  • Competition Benches
  • Plyo Boxes
  • Pull Up and Monkey Bars
  • Chains, Bands, Specialized Bars and more…
  • Personalized Health, Fitness and Wellness Programmes
  • Seminars, Meets, Workshops and One-on-One Training Sessions
  • Full Contest Prep – Team JK Coaching by Jerry Koolhoven Nbbf Bondscoach and Maarten Vos
  • Experienced and Passionate Fox Gym Team Members, Coaches and Trainers

 Equipment from:

  • Cybex
  • Hammer Strength
  • Panatta
  • Westside Barbell and others…

We cannot wait to open next year and welcome you all to the ‘grown up playground’! 

For more info:

For membership and to pre-sign up:

Welcome Home - Fox Gym, Rotterdam


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Clean and Healthy Recipe: Ginger and Lemon Soba Noodles

Clean and Healthy Recipe: Ginger and Lemon Soba Noodles (getfoxfit)

Total time: 15 mins (5 mins prep) and 10 mins cooking

If you are looking for an easy, clean, healthy and very yummy lunch or dinner idea, then look no further.

This dish is up there on my Top Meals list.  Extremely flavorsome, quick and easy to do.

I amazingly had left overs of this so chucked it in the fridge and ate them the next day cold – let me tell you, they were just as good, if not better!

1 tablespoon coconut oil
3 cloves garlic (either chop or put them through a garlic press)
5 inch bit of ginger (finely chop)
Box of tofu (if it’s in one whole piece cut into blocks) – if you prefer you can use prawns or white fish (cod, haddock, tilapia) or, if you are a meat eater, chicken or beef
1 pak choi (roughly chop)
1 cayenne pepper (discard the seeds and finely chop)
Handful of bean sprouts
200g soba (buckwheat) noodles
Himalayan salt and pepper to taste

1. Bring water to a boil and put the soba noodles in for 8 mins.
2. In the mean time put all your ingredients (apart from the leafy parts of the pak choi) into a wok and stir fry on a low to medium heat for 8 mins.
3. Drain the soba noodles, add them and the leafy parts of the pak choi to the wok.  Turn heat up to full and stir fry for 1 min.



What are you training for? Essentially…life!

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

I was inspired to write this after speaking with a good friend this evening about training, fitness and food and it came to my attention that to the “outside” world it may look like I am training for a contest and that’s why I am so focussed.

Truth be told the contest is secondary.  Essentially I am training for life.  Simple as that.

Story time…

Let me tell you a story… 1 week after my kidney cancer surgery I couldn’t stand for longer than 5 minutes and could barely make it to the kitchen from the couch, however my will to eat clean and healthy over powered the pain I had searing through my body.  Since the cancer diagnosis I researched my heart out into nutrition, toxins and chemicals and made a choice to cut and eliminate as many of them as possible from our house and lives.  I was extremely careful about everything I was consuming and everything I put on my body and decided to eat as clean as humanly possible.  But back to the story…  There I was on the couch, knowing that I had to eat dinner and make a “good” choice, so I decided on broccoli soup and well – all I needed was some boiling water and a blender.  With a determined mind I managed to get myself off the couch, hobble very slowly to the kitchen and stand there while making the soup.  Let me just say the easiest option would have been to order takeaway from my iPad but no, my choices from now on were to eat clean and fuel my body with the right things and not toxins / chemicals (which you find in refined and processed food).  After making my soup I happily ate it, appreciating that fact that I knew all of the ingredients that went into it and feeling 100% comforted that it was clean.

My training and nutrition choices are basically made to keep myself alive and make sure I stay around for as long as possible, and to be as healthy as possible.

The competition, well that’s an added bonus – it’s awesome to have a goal to work towards and to really see what the body (and mind) are capable of.  The fitness and clean eating, well that’s just my lifestyle now – but the contest, that is another step.  Before, during and after cancer it was a focus I was passionate about and I’m motivated in giving my all.

I can honestly say that I love the control I have over food and fitness.  Could I have changed the fact that I had cancer by making different choices?  No idea, but one thing I m sure of is that I don’t want it to come back.  Each and every time I walk on that treadmill I look myself in the eyes and whole heartedly believe and know that I am doing this to stay alive.  I am in control and I am healthy.

Man in the Mirror

Just this evening I was listening to Michael Jackson (Bad) – no idea why I picked that but I guess it had a reason as it does all start with the Man in the Mirror.  If you want to make a change, then YOU have to be it.  No one else will make those changes for you.

Others can give advice / support and make plans for you but YOU need to be the one to make your choices (in any area of your life, not just fitness and food).  As Michael sings “Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change”.  Simple.

I love being in the gym, I love weight lifting (and seeing the changes in strength and definition) and I’m happy with my nutrition choices – it makes me feel that I can ward off the cancer as humanly possible.  Do I want to eat 6 pizza’s instead of 1?  Hell yes!  But I know it’s not what my body needs.  It needs clean, nutritious food 90% of the time and a little treat now and again (1 pizza instead of the 6 haha).

This lifestyle really has become my passion. I’m always happy to speak about health, fitness and nutrition, so if you need me just holla!

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Getting fit after cancer


Getting fit after cancer was something very dear to my heart especially since we had both been working on our fitness (and clean eating) since the beginning of this year.

August 5th – the day when everything changed and kidney cancer was diagnosed (for those interested I blogged about it all with photos of the tumor here).  The diagnosis meant that I had to put some of my fitness goals (competing in a figure / fitness contest) on hold for the time being.

I was determined that kidney cancer and surgery  (a ‘right radical nephrectomy’ where they took out my kidney and the tumor) would not stop me reaching my goals. I would even say it was a catalyst for me to be in the best shape and health of my life so I wanted to write a blog post on how I tackled fitness after cancer in case this may help others who are looking for guidance or real life stories.

The first weeks

When we spoke to the Specialist before surgery they gave me a 6-8 week ballpark of when I could exercise at the gym again – I set the goal of walking back into the gym at 6 weeks (I went at 6.5).

For the first few weeks after surgery moving from a lying / sitting position to standing and walking was a mission and exercise in itself.  Every day I would try to stand a little more straight and walk a little further – even by 1 or 2 steps.

The first time I ventured outdoors I didn’t get far and was so knackered from that outing (to the newsagent very nearby) that I slept all afternoon.  So I focussed on listening to my body and incorporating light exercise (walking) into those first weeks after surgery.  By all means move (slowly) but rest when your body needs it.  During and after cancer treatment your body is put through a lot physically and don’t underestimate the mental aspect of it all too!  Take the time necessary to recover and heal both physically and mentally.

For those first weeks after surgery (mainly spent on the couch) I researched and read a lot regarding food and nutrition as I wanted to ensure I was eating the best foods that would fuel, heal and keep my body in a healthy state.  Since the Surgeon and all his team has rid me of the cancer I sure as hell don’t want it to come back.  There are so many things we have no control over but it feels amazing to have control over fitness and what I eat.   I am the one who chooses what I put in and on my body, I am the one who decides to workout and sport.  Ultimately I am responsible for my health.  I want to be around for a LONG time, so the least I can do is make healthy and good choices.

Getting back to the gym

At 6.5 weeks post surgery I entered the gym again.  What a feeling to regain a ‘sense of normality’ and control when the past weeks were a whirlwind adventure that threw all kinds of things at you that you weren’t prepared for.

In a nutshell the gym = total therapy for me, not only physically but mentally.  Going through a cancer diagnosis and surgery is life changing.  Nothing to be taken lightly so it’s only normal that you need to find a way of dealing with it mentally and in a way that rejuvenates you and helps with your stress levels.

When I entered my ‘2nd home’ (the gym) I was curious to see how it would go and if the muscles, strength and stamina that I previously built would have lessened.

My upper body strength was way better that I thought it would be.  Legs – well, they needed some work since I had spent the last weeks pretty much stationary.  Running – this was a shocker, as before surgery I was battling to jog / run for more than 3 mins.  At 7 weeks post op I was able to jog for 10 mins (slowly but surely).  Core & abs – the weakest part.  Remembering that a robot had cut through muscles, tissues and fibers to take out a major organ (and huge cancerous tumor attached), some lymph nodes and blood vessels, well it was no wonder that my middle section was (and still is) sore and sensitive.

To this day (10.5 weeks post op) training is going well.  My abdomin is still extremely tender, so core / ab work is out of the question right now, but for the rest of the groups (arms, back, chest, shoulders and legs) it feels good to move them, keep them active, build strength and endurance.

Some tips

  • Start at the gym / with sports slowly (if you were sporty before don’t feel put off by not being able to do the things you did pre surgery… it will come)
  • If you are doing weight training cut the weight down – focus and concentrate on the movements and do more reps
  • Think of the exercise / sport you are doing as a way to transport blood cells around your body, get everything moving and flowing internally as well as externally
  • LISTEN to your body – if it hurts, stop and try that exercise GENTLY again in a few days time
  • If you are having troubles with your scars (if they are swollen or hurt) or surgical/treatment area go to your Dr / Specialist and have them checked out
  • Use the time in the gym / when you are sporting as YOUR time.  Try not to focus on anything apart from the present moment and what you are doing.  I have found the time at the gym / out jogging as the best way to release my mind, focus on the here & now and what can be accomplished.  It gives me peace of mind as well as hope and those are good feelings to have ;)
  • If you have kids work out / exercise / do yoga positions with them.  There is so much that you can do at home or outside and it’s the perfect time to have fun, get fit and spend quality time together
  • Need some motivation?  Click here
  • Need some ideas of what you can do at home?  Click here

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)