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Let’s talk supplementation

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

Supplements.  We all have our favorites.  I spent a lot of time researching and reading (especially the all important ‘Ingredients’ label) on the vitamins, supplements and protein powders I was keen on.

I’m mainly getting all my nutrients, vitamins and energy from healthy food sources however since  I’m pretty much vegan / macrobiotic I need some extra help in the protein department as protein is necessary to build and restore muscle.

As I only have 1 kidney now and since I don’t eat meat, eggs or diary I was looking for a vegan protein powder that is as clean and natural as possible (I’m all about minimising toxins and don’t want to put extra stress on my kidney).  After researching I have decided on GOOD Hemp Protein which I bought from De Tuinen.

I have been using it for 2 weeks now and am very happy with it.  No bloating, no weird smells in the shaker cup (we all know how crazy shaker cups can smell – ‘get your gas mask on’ haha) and no adverse affects.  I feel energized and since surgery have learned to understand and listen to my body, which gives the GOOD Hemp Protein 2 thumbs up.  The taste is a little strange, especially if you are used to the sweetened flavors of normal protein shakes (banana anyone?!) however you get used to it.  It tastes a little ‘earthy’ in all honesty, but I’m good with that :)

As well as GOOD Hemp Protein I am taking Solgar Vegetarian Multiple and Omega 3 Fish Oil.

No fat burners or pre workout.  My pre workout is a cup of black coffee or an expresso.  As for fat burners, I just don’t feel happy using them.  I would rather lower my body fat % through good clean nutrition, workouts and cardio.

Hope that helps anyone looking for supplementation.  Always happy to answer any questions!