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Highlights from the Bodybuilding / Powerlifting Meet and Seminar

Lisanne Vos & Lieke van Tok

Yesterday was Sunday Funday at Fitness Boulevard where we hosted the, sold out, Bodybuilding / Powerlifting Meet and Seminar organised by my husband Maarten.

It was a fun, and educational, packed programme including a seminar on ‘How the Human Body Works’ presented by Jerry Koolhoven, a powerlifting seminar and one-on-one training given by Will – Barbell Strength, split weight training sessions where attendees could choose the muscle group they wanted to focus on and train (whilst receiving pointers, tips and advice from the Team JK coaches – Maarten Vos and Jerry Koolhoven), posing practise, a Bench Press contest and, a well deserved, chinese buffet dinner.  Myself and Lieke van Tok, as pictured above, absolutely loved pushing the girls on “Leg Day”.

It’s always such a pleasure to train and hang out with such passionate people – no matter if they are curious about the sport, a beginner or an experienced athlete.

A huge thank you to our sponsors XXL Nutrition, Ice76 Protein Ice Cream, Supashape, SSN and Muscle Junkies for providing such great goodies for everyone who attended.

We had a great time and are in the process of brainstorming for the next one.

Many more of these great events to come in an awesome new location!!!

Watch this space for more info… :)

Check out some photos of the Meet and Seminar below, shot by Maarten Vos Photography.



Proud to be an XXL Nutrition Athlete

Lisanne Vos - XXL Nutrition Athlete I’m excited, privileged and honoured to announce that I’m an XXL Nutrition sponsored athlete.

Having their support means so much to me and I’m excited to be part of the XXL team, which includes great athletes such as Jeffrey Suijkerbuijk, Evelien Nellen – van Pelt and Robin Brantz to name a few.

The XXL brand has become a household name for many athletes and the XXL Nutrition supplement store is growing each and every day with an awesome product range to meet various sporting needs.

Being the “health nut” I am there are quite a few items I’m extremely excited about such as the Green Protein (coming soon) and the XXL Super Food – RAW food line, including Maca Powder, Spirulina Powder and Acai Berry Powder.

Proud and happy to be part of the XXL team. You can follow my XXL athlete blog over on the XXL Forum.

Check out and follow XXL online:


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Review of ENERGYbits

energybits (review by getfoxfit)

Searching for a natural alternative to energy / protein bars, drinks or gels?  ENERGYbits may just be what you are after.

I came across them whilst twittering and was interested to learn more about their product.

Since I like to be as clean as possible with food, supplements and ingredients I was excited to see that ENERGYbits are 100% natural and ‘clean’.

So what are ENERGYbits exactly?

They are food not pills.

No caffeine, sugar, chemicals, soy, or artificial ingredients.  They are Gluten free, 100% spirulina and 100% non GMO.  All sounds wonderful to me!

And they have over 64% protein.  Something that is important when you want to help your body repair cells and make new ones (and particularly build muscle tone).

They can be taken prior to workouts, competitions or athletic activities to improve energy, enhance performance and increase stamina.

They can also be taken when you are hungry, as a healthy snack or when you are fatigued to give you an energy boost and improve physical as well as mental alertness.

What are the health benefits?
  • Athletics/fitness performance
  • Beauty and skin health
  • Energy and focus
  • Heart health
  • Mental health
  • Weight loss

How do you take them?

Take 30 bits per serving.  It seems a lot but all you need is a few swigs of water and you are good to go.

My experience:

I chose to take mine as a pre-workout before Leg Day today.  The only pre-workout I have is a good old shot of black coffee, in the form of an espresso, so I wanted to try out ENERGYbits to see how it would fuel and power my workout.

My training was a good one, upping the weights and going heavy on sumo and narrow squats, leg extensions, hack squats, adductors and abductors  – so all good there.  I usually skip cardio after a heavy leg training, as it’s a big muscle group, however I hopped on my bike, took advantage of the sun and did a 30 minute cycle through Rotterdam.  Thus, I would conclude that I had more energy than usual during and after my workout today.

A few years ago when I tried a pre-workout it left me feeling fuzzy and on edge, so was happy that ENERGYbits didn’t produce any of those side effects.

One of the biggest plus points for me is that there were no ill effects on my stomach.  Since being ‘clean’ (from both cancer and processed foods) my stomach reacts very quickly to things that it’s not used to, so it was great not to have any stomach distress.

Another huge plus point for me is that it’s natural.  I found this chart very interesting.  It shows the calories, sugar, chemical additives and protein that are in various energy bars, snacks and drinks.  The ‘% protein per gram’ and ‘% artificial ingredients’ got my attention.

It’s a product that I enjoyed using – quick and easy to consume, natural, clean and with no dodgy toxins or ill effects.  Thanks for fueling my training AND powering one of my favorite bike rides through the city today.

Check out ENERGYbits online:






Let’s talk supplementation

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

Supplements.  We all have our favorites.  I spent a lot of time researching and reading (especially the all important ‘Ingredients’ label) on the vitamins, supplements and protein powders I was keen on.

I’m mainly getting all my nutrients, vitamins and energy from healthy food sources however since  I’m pretty much vegan / macrobiotic I need some extra help in the protein department as protein is necessary to build and restore muscle.

As I only have 1 kidney now and since I don’t eat meat, eggs or diary I was looking for a vegan protein powder that is as clean and natural as possible (I’m all about minimising toxins and don’t want to put extra stress on my kidney).  After researching I have decided on GOOD Hemp Protein which I bought from De Tuinen.

I have been using it for 2 weeks now and am very happy with it.  No bloating, no weird smells in the shaker cup (we all know how crazy shaker cups can smell – ‘get your gas mask on’ haha) and no adverse affects.  I feel energized and since surgery have learned to understand and listen to my body, which gives the GOOD Hemp Protein 2 thumbs up.  The taste is a little strange, especially if you are used to the sweetened flavors of normal protein shakes (banana anyone?!) however you get used to it.  It tastes a little ‘earthy’ in all honesty, but I’m good with that :)

As well as GOOD Hemp Protein I am taking Solgar Vegetarian Multiple and Omega 3 Fish Oil.

No fat burners or pre workout.  My pre workout is a cup of black coffee or an expresso.  As for fat burners, I just don’t feel happy using them.  I would rather lower my body fat % through good clean nutrition, workouts and cardio.

Hope that helps anyone looking for supplementation.  Always happy to answer any questions!