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Proud to be an XXL Nutrition Athlete

Lisanne Vos - XXL Nutrition Athlete I’m excited, privileged and honoured to announce that I’m an XXL Nutrition sponsored athlete.

Having their support means so much to me and I’m excited to be part of the XXL team, which includes great athletes such as Jeffrey Suijkerbuijk, Evelien Nellen – van Pelt and Robin Brantz to name a few.

The XXL brand has become a household name for many athletes and the XXL Nutrition supplement store is growing each and every day with an awesome product range to meet various sporting needs.

Being the “health nut” I am there are quite a few items I’m extremely excited about such as the Green Protein (coming soon) and the XXL Super Food – RAW food line, including Maca Powder, Spirulina Powder and Acai Berry Powder.

Proud and happy to be part of the XXL team. You can follow my XXL athlete blog over on the XXL Forum.

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Friday Five: My Top 5 Fitness Tips

Need some tips to get fit and focused?

Well, let’s cut to the chase and get to it.  Below are my current top tips:

1. Put on your sports clothes / gym gear

If you are ‘in doubt’ of wanting to exercise / get to the gym / go for a run etc. go and put your fitness gear on.  This has always helped me on so many occasions because it feels like my decision has already been made for me, as A) I feel weird sitting on the couch or behind my screen in work out clothes if I haven’t worked out or exercised in any form and B) I’m too lazy to get changed into something else, so I may as well go and train before the day is over and it’s time to get into ‘house pants’.

So whatever it is you that are planning on doing – a brisk walk, a bike ride, a session at the gym, picking up weights in the house, go and get your leggings / sweat pants, top and trainers on and get to it.

2. Get friends and family involved

Make a date with a friend to go for a run, or a walk or a weight training session at the gym.  Get your kids involved by getting the a yoga mat out and teaching them yoga moves, or some of your fav exercises.  Kids love to do what mom and dad are doing, they love being active and they love participating in competitions – so make it fun.

Having a partner – an ‘accountabila-buddy’ – helps you to stick to the plan, as you can’t just not show up to a date you made, and no one really likes to cancel (hello guilt).  Having a fitness buddy also helps you mentally; to support you, shout at you, push you further and provide some friendly competition.

3. Get outside

Remember when you were a kid, “Mum / dad, can I go and play outside?”  Well, let’s bring that back.  Step away from, or put down, your screen.  Go offline for a while and get outside and play!

It’s summer so take advantage of the days being warmer and brighter and the lighter evenings.  Instead of watching TV, or scrolling through facebook in the evening, get your trainers on.  Clear your head and get inspired.  The outdoors – be it the park, in the hills, through the forrest, city streets, urban playgrounds or through the skyscrapers downtown – beauty and awesomeness are all around and they can generate new ideas, new attitudes and clarity.  So go and get on your bike, talk a walk, do some sprints, find stairs to use as your outdoor StairMaster, run, jog, rollerblade, go to the park and ‘monkey around’ like you did all those years ago as a kid.  Go by yourself, go with your partner, go with your kids, go with friends.  Just get outside!

4.  Take a selfie

I kid you not.  THE best way to track progress.  Yes, you have numbers in the way of the scale, body fat measurements, the numbers on the measuring tape etc. but changes can be so small and incremental that you don’t see them yourself.  This is where photos come in.  Take a photo today, then 1 month from now and then each month after that – it’s a brilliant way to see the changes, even if you don’t or if the scale / measurements tell you otherwise.  Another awesome effect of this is that you will be motivated to go further and work harder.  And you will feel achievement in how far you have come from that first photo.

4. Just Do It

I wish I came up with this slogan myself.  I use this term so often through the day – with fitness and in many other elements of my life.  Seriously, what is stopping you.  Just Do It.  Especially in those times when you don’t feel like it.  Too tired, can’t be bothered, don’t want to get to the gym in the rain, just want to veg behind a screen… well, those are the exact times that you need to Just Do It.  Not only will you be benefitting your health and changing your body, but you will have a sense of accomplishment – that feeling after a great workout or run or bike ride… that’s what I am talking about and you will feel so proud that you took the decision to just do it.  Pretty awesome moments in life if you ask me.

As an added bonus, you won’t just be creating physical changes (building strength, burning fat, getting your heart and organs working, pumping blood and oxygen around your body) but it’s good for your mind.  Exercise can be total therapy:  in the morning to clear your head and focus on the day, or in the middle, or at the end, of a stressful day to chill you out and maximise creativity and problem solving .  You never know what genius idea(s) may come to you!  So Just Do It.

Top 5 fitness tips (by Lisanne Vos - getfoxfit)

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Why enter a Bikini & Fitness Model Competition?

Last summer I remember saying to Mr Fox that I was ready for a challenge – something that would be life changing and possibly one of the hardest things I have ever done – so a Bikini & Fitness Model Competition it was.  Well, that was the plan…

In reality the ‘something that would be life changing’ came in another form – kidney cancer, which put the competition on hold.  Hitting it hard in the gym changed to hitting it hard at home, resting and getting back on my feet after surgery.  If you are interested the whole story (from diagnosis to surgery to recovery) is documented here.

The latter half of 2013 was interesting…  going from being active and carefree to having to build up the strength to walk just a few paces.  At 6.5 weeks post surgery I hit the gym, it was truly an awesome experience to get back in there and focus on something.  It was my therapy both physically and mentally.

On the day of my first CT Scan results, since surgery, I was ecstatic to receive the ‘all clear’ of cancer (woooo hooooo), however they did find that I had pneumonia.   So I was back on the bench for a few weeks again.  Gutted.  Just as I was getting in the zone, I had to rest again.

Now that we are back on track I am more than ready to take on the challenge of competing.  I truly feel the drive that is needed, both physically and mentally.   We have found an awesome coach/trainer/nutritionist who will guide and push us.  Both myself and Mr Fox will compete in our first competition this year.  It’s awesome to have the same passions, goals and now a challenge.  Bodybuilding / women’s Bikini & Fitness Model competitions are no joke – they take focus, drive, determination and motivation.  It’s not just about getting to the gym, lifting weights or doing cardio… the main challenge is what happens in the kitchen and food wise.  Luckily we will know and understand what the other is going through and will be there to support each other 24/7, it’s a journey we are excited to take together.

After telling friends and family about our goals there have been a few questions (including the most asked – will you have to fake tan?) and I have written a little FAQ here.

You can also check out more progress pics and training videos on:




Beast mode: ON :)

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

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The Flexcup 2013 in Veldhoven, The Netherlands

This weekend we went to the Flexcup in Veldhoven, which is geared towards beginners (D class) but also has a C class.

This is the first time we experienced the Flexcup and absolutely loved it.  It was an impressive production – very professional,  great vibe and energy from both the athletes and people attending.

Not only is it a bodybuilding contest but it focussed on crossfit, powerlifting and strongman.

We both knew that we wanted to compete for a contest next year, but after attending the Flexcup I have to say this passion and desire is even stronger.

Below are a few pics from the event (courtesy of XXL Nutrition)





Click here for more photos

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Working out is a reward not a punishment

Change your Attitude > Change your Life! (

Years ago I viewed working out and taking part in any sport as punishment.  I had friends who were into sports and going to the gym but I just didn’t understand their enthusiasm or passion.  Yes, I wanted to be fit, healthy and tone up BUT I didn’t want to put any effort in (#lazy).  If there was a magic pill, then I would have taken that without a second thought, but as we know there isn’t a magic pill – there is only YOU and hard work.

You can employ a personal trainer and go to a nutritionist but you are the one who decides how much you sport, how hard you push yourself (or give up), the food you eat and drinks you consume.

Coming back to the title of this post (Working Out is a Reward not a Punishment) it really spoke to me as there are others out there who do not have the luxury of being able to work out or sport.  I know only too well that unexpected things crop up on you, which can be life changing or leave you unable to do any strenuous physical exercise.  I had my health and then had it taken away from me.   I couldn’t sport for a few months and that in itself was difficult, so I cannot even fathom how it must feel to have the decision taken away from you.  Luckily medical advances and a talented surgeon were able to give me back a ‘clean’ body, for which I want to maintain as best as I can.  So I definitely see and view being able to exercise as a gift.  It is something I do not take for granted and am thankful for every day.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly want to be active when I’m able and “run while I can”.

If you are not happy with your condition, parts of your body, or just want to be fitter and healthier, in the words of Nike “Just Do It”!  This may mean changing your attitude (as I did) to sport, working out and food.  Don’t see the gym or sporting as punishment, see it as a place where you can create yourself, reach your goals and build strength both physically and mentally.  And remember it is never too late to create the body you want.

No matter what your circumstances YOU are always stronger than you think.  Athletes know what’s up and understand that success and winning is all in the mind.  Yes you have to physically work your body and muscles BUT it all starts in your head – your attitude, the way you view the gym, running, playing squash, biking or taking up a new sport, the way you strive for greatness, the way you decide whether you want to give up when you are tired or push harder to get the results you want.  Your body won’t go where you mind doesn’t push it.

A sentence that I keep in the back of my head is ‘Your mind gives up before your body’.  Totally true.  I can vouch for this as those times, years ago, when I went to the gym and put very little effort in just seem such a waste of time.  It was a shame that I spent valuable time and money on something that I didn’t put my heart and soul into.  With little effort you will see little results.  Post surgery I made a deal with myself that I would push harder and do my best when I hit the gym.  Yes I still need to take it easy after the operation but my mentality has changed and I am driven to put in hard work for the results I want to see and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to exercise and work out.  It truly is a gift.

Change Your Attitude > Change Your Life!