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2 weeks out Photo Shoot by Maarten Vos Photography

Two weeks before the Enercup contest, Nieske and I had a photoshoot with Maarten.

We both compete in the Bikini Fitness division and have a huge passion for weights, healthy living, mindfulness and snapbacks to name a few interests that we have in common.

Not only my swolesister but my soulsister :)

Check out some of the awesome shots below.

Lisanne Vos & Nieske (Photo: Maarten Vos Photography)Nieske (Photo: Maarten Vos)Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit) Photo: Maarten VosNieske (Photo: Maarten Vos)

Be sure to check out more on Maarten Vos Photography facebook.


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Team JK Photo Shoot by Maarten Vos Photography

A couple of weekends ago we had a 9 hour photo shoot with Jerry Koolhoven and some of the Team JK athletes.  It was an awesome day, long, but great to hang out with the ‘fam’ and shoot some epic photos.  The photographer was no other than my hubby (Maarten Vos Photography) who set up, shot, processed and edited the photos.  The combination of him being both a bodybuilder and photographer made for an outstanding shoot and results.

Check out some of my fav shots below.

Jerry Koolhoven & Lisanne VosMaarten Vos PhotographyJerry Koolhoven Linda de RuiterLieke van TokSasha van Dijk, Linda de RuiterMaarten Vos PhotographyDjero RiedewaldMaarten Vos PhotographyDjero RiedewaldSasha van Dijk, Linda de RuiterJoshua Imanse  Stefan SmalingSasha van Dijk, Linda de Ruiter  Maarten Vos PhotographyMaarten Vos PhotographyRodger Rozendaal

Be sure to check out the whole photo shoot on Maarten Vos Photography facebook.

You can view more of my photos from the shoot here.


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