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Flexcup Weekend 2014 – Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 []

Last weekend the Flexcup took place in which I competed in the Bikini Fitness class. What an competition, event and show!  So many amazing athletes under one roof and just such a great vibe and energy over the 2 days.

After attending the event last year and setting the goal to enter this year I’m so grateful to have competed.

I am extremely happy to have been placed in the finals and take home a medal.

Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 [] Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 []

Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 []

Like I have been writing on our Instagram

Every day is a gift, every moment an experience, every breath a blessing and every goal set a time for growth.

My Flexcup prep has been a blast and I’ve loved every step of the way.

I’ve fallen deeper in love with body building, body changing and body sculpting – the trainings, the science, the nutrition, the psychology. A wonderful journey.

Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 []

Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 []

Massive thanks to my coach @jerrykoolhoven for all his guidance, expertise and faith in me👌

My sponsor XXL Nutrition for all their wonderful continued support – #XXLnutrition team you rock! 💯

MUA @prs_and_poptarts – not just a talented bodyfitness athlete but a true make up genius💄

Tattoo artist @davevartantattoo for my ink ⚓️

Mr Fox for absolutely everything (and for my beautiful bikini) 💚

Mega thanks to everyone who has taken the time to follow the journey so far and for all your support 🙌

Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 []

Bodybuilding – a never ending journey… As people we can always try our best to be better, in all areas of our lives. Excited to work towards new goals in the next weeks, months and year ⭐️

2015 – There are some exciting goals for you… Can’t wait!!! #ZinInnnn

For all the results and finalist photos click here.

P.S.  Maarten and I are currently putting in the hours and hard work to make sure our new gym (Fox Gym) will have all the equipment you need to reach your goals.

Want to join the Fox Gym Fam?  Pre-sign up has started!  One month membership for free to the first 50 pre-sign ups (first come, first served) – send an email to: with the subject “foxgymfam”.  Can’t wait to train with you guys there!


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Highlights from the Bodybuilding / Powerlifting Meet and Seminar

Lisanne Vos & Lieke van Tok

Yesterday was Sunday Funday at Fitness Boulevard where we hosted the, sold out, Bodybuilding / Powerlifting Meet and Seminar organised by my husband Maarten.

It was a fun, and educational, packed programme including a seminar on ‘How the Human Body Works’ presented by Jerry Koolhoven, a powerlifting seminar and one-on-one training given by Will – Barbell Strength, split weight training sessions where attendees could choose the muscle group they wanted to focus on and train (whilst receiving pointers, tips and advice from the Team JK coaches – Maarten Vos and Jerry Koolhoven), posing practise, a Bench Press contest and, a well deserved, chinese buffet dinner.  Myself and Lieke van Tok, as pictured above, absolutely loved pushing the girls on “Leg Day”.

It’s always such a pleasure to train and hang out with such passionate people – no matter if they are curious about the sport, a beginner or an experienced athlete.

A huge thank you to our sponsors XXL Nutrition, Ice76 Protein Ice Cream, Supashape, SSN and Muscle Junkies for providing such great goodies for everyone who attended.

We had a great time and are in the process of brainstorming for the next one.

Many more of these great events to come in an awesome new location!!!

Watch this space for more info… :)

Check out some photos of the Meet and Seminar below, shot by Maarten Vos Photography.

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2 weeks out Photo Shoot by Maarten Vos Photography

Two weeks before the Enercup contest, Nieske and I had a photoshoot with Maarten.

We both compete in the Bikini Fitness division and have a huge passion for weights, healthy living, mindfulness and snapbacks to name a few interests that we have in common.

Not only my swolesister but my soulsister :)

Check out some of the awesome shots below.

Lisanne Vos & Nieske (Photo: Maarten Vos Photography)Nieske (Photo: Maarten Vos)Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit) Photo: Maarten VosNieske (Photo: Maarten Vos)

Be sure to check out more on Maarten Vos Photography facebook.

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Football Fever Edition: ‘Hup Holland Hup’ Pumpkin and Garlic Soup

Hup Holland Hup Pumpkin and Garlic soup recipe (getfoxfit)

Especially for the FIFA world cup semi- finals game tonight I wanted to post an orange colored treat for you – my ‘Hup Holland Hup’ Pumpkin and Garlic soup.

Easy, healthy, clean and delicious.

Cooking time: 35 mins. 15 mins prep and 20 mins cooking


1 large onion

8 cloves of garlic

1.5 kilos of pumpkin

1 spoon of coconut oil

Himalayan salt and pepper to taste


Cut up all your veggies.

Heat the coconut oil and “fry” the onion and garlic for 3-5 mins.

Add the pumpkin and cook for 5 mins

Add 750 ML water and let it simmer for a further 10 mins

Take the pan off the heat and use a hand held blender to whizzzz it into a creamy consistency.

Voila – ready to eat.


Hope you enjoy the soup and the game tonight!

Gooooooooooo Holland!!!!  Hup Holland Hup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Review of Deborah’s Spray Tan Rotterdam (Biological Products)

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

Years ago I yearned to have a sunkissed bronze tan, however having the whitest of white Scottish skin with freckles that only goes red and then back to white in the sun made that pretty much impossible.

I did the same as many other young women, I used sunbeds (wouldn’t go near one now), tried fake tans, sat out in the sun with Factor 50 million, but nothing worked.  I pretty much gave up on having beautifully tanned skin like a surfer chick from California.  Instead I embraced my Dita Von Teese side and went with being (snow) white.

Being a bikini fitness athlete means that I need to get my tan on for the competitions and both my husband and I were wondering how I would look with a bit of colour, so off I went to my friend Google and started searching for an experienced spray tanner in Rotterdam who uses biological / the least chemically charged products, as after cancer I have been minimising the chemicals that I come into contact with.  After pressing “Google Search” I came across Deborah’s Spray Tan.

Awesome customer service!

I got in touch with Deborah (via WhatsApp) and she answered all my questions immediately.  What customer service. I really appreciate being able to contact a business and have a fast response, so I was already impressed.  She told me about the products she used, how it is applied, how it will be done etc.  She provided me with full instructions, pre-tan, to ensure long lasting beautiful colour.  I was prepared and excited!

Before, during and after

24 hours before our appointment I had to shower, shave and exfoliate (very well).

On the day itself – NO moisturiser and NO deo.  Wear black / dark coloured baggy clothes to the appointment and take an umbrella if it’s raining (as any drop of water will mess up the tan).

After the spray tan –  NO washing your hands and NO shower until the designated time after being sprayed.

The product

Deborah used the brand Siennasol – kind to sensitive skin, no alchohol, perfume, parabens or artificial preservatives.  Ticking all the right boxes for me, as I was in search of as natural a product as I could find.  You can go from light to dark, so we opted for a medium tan, since it was my first time and we could see how the product and my skin would develop the colour.
We chose to use the Siennasol Rapid Tan that develops in 4 hours, thus I could shower 4 hours after the spray tan was fully applied.

At the appointment

Deborah really took her time explaining how she would apply the tan and how it develops.  I love to know as much as I can about things so felt grateful that she told me everything without asking.  You can see she is passionate about her work and loves what she is doing.  I felt totally at ease and it was a joy being tanned by her.

The result and my thoughts

Wonderful!   Not too light and not too dark.  I honestly felt like I had returned from a month in Rio.  I felt sunkissed and like I had a natural tan – no orange fake tannedness at all.  No streaks, no marks.  A perfect all around tan.

Friends and family noticed immediately that there was something different.  My female friends and family noticed it was because I was tanned, the guys thought there was something different but wasn’t sure what haha.  One thing is for sure, my happiness shined and radiated through with my new tanned, glowing self.

I would highly recommend Deborah and getting a spray tan – it is not only awesome for a wedding, event, holiday, summer or photoshoot but also as a way to give yourself a little boost.  Happiness in a (spray) can, haha.  I certainly felt good and we all know when we feel good it shines through and you look good.  I even feel more tonned and slimmer with the tan.

How long did it last?

I’m writing and posting this 7 days after having it done and I’m still tanned.  Of course the first 2 days were darker, but the colour is still there.  Deborah had told me that it lasts for 5-7 days, depending on several factors.  Taking showers instead of baths will sustain the tan, as will moisturising every day / night.  I opted to buy and try the Vita Liberata tan extender from Deborah, which has certainly helped maintain the tan and colour.  This product is also organic and free from SLS and parabens.


I’m a big fan.  Very satisfied with the result and I have already made my next appointment.  Deborah, thanks so much for everything and see you soon.

Deborah’s Spray Tan online:





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Team JK Photo Shoot by Maarten Vos Photography

A couple of weekends ago we had a 9 hour photo shoot with Jerry Koolhoven and some of the Team JK athletes.  It was an awesome day, long, but great to hang out with the ‘fam’ and shoot some epic photos.  The photographer was no other than my hubby (Maarten Vos Photography) who set up, shot, processed and edited the photos.  The combination of him being both a bodybuilder and photographer made for an outstanding shoot and results.

Check out some of my fav shots below.

Jerry Koolhoven & Lisanne VosMaarten Vos PhotographyJerry Koolhoven Linda de RuiterLieke van TokSasha van Dijk, Linda de RuiterMaarten Vos PhotographyDjero RiedewaldMaarten Vos PhotographyDjero RiedewaldSasha van Dijk, Linda de RuiterJoshua Imanse  Stefan SmalingSasha van Dijk, Linda de Ruiter  Maarten Vos PhotographyMaarten Vos PhotographyRodger Rozendaal

Be sure to check out the whole photo shoot on Maarten Vos Photography facebook.

You can view more of my photos from the shoot here.


Follow more contest prep updates, pics and videos via:

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The Flexcup 2013 in Veldhoven, The Netherlands

This weekend we went to the Flexcup in Veldhoven, which is geared towards beginners (D class) but also has a C class.

This is the first time we experienced the Flexcup and absolutely loved it.  It was an impressive production – very professional,  great vibe and energy from both the athletes and people attending.

Not only is it a bodybuilding contest but it focussed on crossfit, powerlifting and strongman.

We both knew that we wanted to compete for a contest next year, but after attending the Flexcup I have to say this passion and desire is even stronger.

Below are a few pics from the event (courtesy of XXL Nutrition)





Click here for more photos