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Week 16 Bikini Competition Prep – Getting Back in the Flow…


Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

Damage Control – The Stats of my week off

Body fat: +0.5%

Weight: 52kg

So my weight stayed the same but my body fat went up a little bit.


This was an interesting week for me.  After a week off from training, or any kind of exercise, I was excited to get back in the gym but when I got there I felt “out of sorts”, like I was starting and it was my first time.  I knew what I wanted to do but just felt a little strange.  I hit my trainings hard, but there was a little mental block… until Saturday.  It was an ‘extra’ day where I focussed on my most loved exercises – pull ups, upright rows, squats, good mornings, stiff legged deadlifts, kickbacks, leg extensions.  I loved every rep of that training and felt that it was my Welcome Back training.  On Sunday I chose to do chest and biceps with my coach Jerry Koolhoven.  Chest is a group that I don’t get too excited about, however since bench pressing with the barbell it has sparked a new found love.  It was a heavy session… struggling with my last 2 reps but pushing through – pulling ugly faces and usually swearing at the end of every set haha.


After last week’s sneaky cheats (pretty much an every day occurrence), it was certainly time to get back to my food schedule.  Sometimes you just need to get it out your system in order to mentally stick to clean eating again.  Going back “home” certainly rattled my cage.  Going back to a place I hadn’t been since cancer reared it’s head, in all honesty it was a little confusing to make choices as I seemed to slip back into old habits (mainly in the way of cake haha).  This week was back to normal again.  The only cheats I had was a few more rice crackers than usual, a delicious sushi dinner that Mr Fox treated me too and some yummy raw vegan carrot cake my mum had made me for my birthday.  After speaking to Jerry and checking out what was happening in the mirror today when I was training, it looks like the week off has done my body good.  Shake, rattle and roll!

The week ahead 

My plan is 1.5 cheats and to go heavy in my trainings. Time to push myself and up the weights! *BOOM*


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Week 15 Bikini Competition Prep – Week Off

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

For the past week mini me and I have been in the Motherland (Scotland) on vacation.  I planned, prepped and packed the basics to take with me (gluten free oats & flax seeds, 100% natural peanut butter, rice crackers, spelt rye bread, green and nan yu tea and hemp protein) so that I could at least have control over my breakfasts, lunches and snacks.  First stop when we got to our destination, a supermarket to stock up on fresh & frozen produce, namely veggies and fish.

I have to note that airport food is pretty carb centric.  I was looking for a place with salad, or some kind of veggie assortment, but everything is carbilicious: noodles, sushi, sandwiches, pancakes, pizza, cakes etc.  Maybe I missed a salad bar in Schiphol?  But the only salads and veggies I could find had cheese or a sauce all over them.

At Edinburgh airport there was an EAT (all natural ingredients and freshly made on the day, or at least that’s what they claim) so was glad to get a salad there, as well as a very very yummy Spicey Moroccan Veggie soup, which fueled me until we got to Uncle’s.

It’s funny how you drift into old habits, especially when you are in an ‘old’ environment.  Last time I was in Scotland I was just getting into clean eating, but by far wasn’t eating like I am now.  Temptation got the better of me and I decided to allow myself some treats, mainly in the form of chocolate cake, scones, triple chocolate cookies, pizza etc. Yes, I know – I was going against my religion of not eating sugar, but I wanted to get it ‘out my system’.  I guess I am human after all haha. I savored every bite let me tell you, but I do have to admit that for the last 2 days I had a headache that even 4+ liters of water wouldn’t shift.  Interesting the effect certain things have on your body (especially when you have been eating so clean). I did try and balance out my days, so would cut carbs in the evening.

As for trainings… even though my camera roll is full of ‘home workouts’ I ended up doing around 10 squats and that was it.  If this was to be my week off, then I would just let my body physically take a week off too.  I didn’t know how I would feel about that (since I love training), but like I said, it’s funny how you go back into old habits when you are in another environment, especially since I was ‘back home’ so to speak and in a place where I wasn’t the sportiest of people.

I thought I better check out what the damage has been, so stepped on the scale this morning.  Interestingly I’m still at the same weight (52kg) BUT I’m retaining water.

So what did I learn:

  • Sugar = headaches
  • Not drinking enough water = dehydration, which I could tell as my eyes were much drier than normal
  • Crap food = bloating and retaining water (goodbye lines)
  • Chocolate in all forms is amazing and I savoured every bite BUT it doesn’t fill / fuel you.  5 mins later you want more, or are even hungrier.

This week – back on it.  Detoxing has begun and trainings have resumed.  The only thing I will allow myself is a treat on my birthday – and I have a feeling it may be something from my fav place in Rotterdam, Spirit.


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Week 14 Bikini Competition Prep – For the love of bodybuilding…

Lisanne Vos (Team JK)


Weight: 52kg
Body fat: Lost another 1% body fat in 2 weeks.  Now at 15.5% overall body fat.

Mentality – For the Love of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding – one of the greatest things I have found in life.  This time last year I was getting into the sport, but my cancer diagnosis and surgery certainly propelled my interest and passion further.  Goal number 1 – be as healthy and fit as possible whilst minimizing any chance of cancer.

I truly am thankful to my biggest health challenge that led way to one of my biggest loves.  It’s more than just food and working out.  It is a lifestyle, and one that suits my character to a T – planning and prepping, a whole load of organisation (with regards to both food and trainings) to the hard work that is needed to stay on track and hit your goals.  I love the purpose, the focus you need and the passion necessary to push yourself mentally and physically.

Learning how different foods fuel your body and muscles, weight training to tone, build and sculpt different body parts and groups, the mind / muscle connection, the relationships between body fat % and weight gain / weight loss.  It really is a science that intrigues me and I love every element about it.

My mentality has changed so much over the last few months.  Before I was extremely shy about my body and specific body parts, but bodybuilding changes your perception of the human body.  You see each and every body group and specific muscle.  And one of the coolest things is that you have so so so much respect for fellow bodybuilders, athletes and anyone who is taking charge of their heath and fitness.  I know how damn hard it is to make changes to the body just as I know how much strength it takes mentally.  RESPECT with capitals.

You have good days – when your trainings and food are 100% on point.   You pushed yourself, your limits and what you thought was possible (both in the gym and in the kitchen) whilst sticking to your plan – saying no to things you really may want to eat, but know are not what you need.  Needs and wants are so important to remember.  Then you have less good days, when you want to eat everything in site, have sugar cravings, aren’t really in the mood to train, are tired and aren’t “in the zone”.  It’s a sport where contest prep is your “marathon”, where you have to be mentally strong in all areas, and the stage is where you present your hard work for all those days, weeks and months that you put in.

Yesterday at Team JK‘s base, Fitness Boulevard, we had our weekly training with Jerry Koolhoven and then a photo shoot with him and fellow Team JK athletes, shot by Mr Fox.  It was a long, but awesome day.  Our (Team JK’s) motto “One Love One Family” is exactly how it is.  So much fun hanging with the ‘fam’ and seeing the photo shoot progress.  I cannot wait to see the end result, and from what I saw on the shoot itself and on the camera roll this morning, it is going to be pretty epic!  Stay tuned!

Team JK


Check.  Nothing more to add really. Since I will be out of the country (and out of the gym) next week I wanted to hit my trainings hard and added an extra one in there.  One of the highlights was Leg Day.  I entered the gym thinking I wasn’t really feeling it, but after a double espresso went balls to the wall and really burned my legs out.  What a feeling of accomplishment afterwards.  I was proud.  And that is what I ideally want to feel after every workout.


Ermmmm.  Unfortunately Monday started off a bit wonky – I just needed to eat.  After discussing it with Mr Fox, I decided just to get it out my system and eat what I wanted.  Conclusion – no matter how much you want chocolate (in any form) it is not going to fill you, or fuel you in any way.  It spikes your insulin levels and leaves you hungrier (mean, right?)  Note to self: just stay away from the lovely dark chocolate sugary stuff and feed yourself with protein instead.  Tuesday, was back on track – cut out a few carbs here and there to ‘balance’ things.  The rest of the week was ups and downs, but generally OK.  Man – the food / nutrition part is really an internal wrestle sometimes.  You know what you have to do to hit your goals, but, well, we are all human ;)  In the end just try your best and make good choices.

The week ahead

So, I am going back to the motherland (Scotland) with my son next week, which I am really looking forward to.  I haven’t been back since last year (before the whole cancer business) so I’m looking forward to a therapeutic stay with family and friends.  I won’t be seeing any gyms but have plenty of Pinterest inspiration of little workouts I can do in the house or outdoors.  As for food, I am taking quite a few things with me – the essentials (my fav green tea, 100% natural peanut butter, rye bread, gluten free oats + flaxseed etc. as I will arrive late and not make it to the supermarket).  As they say fail to plan, plan to fail.  It’s gonna be interesting and am excited about how it will go, food wise, as I am out of my ‘zone’ where I can control everything… but it’s all in the learning.  Scotland, see ya soon!!!


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The Loaded Cup 2014 in Denmark

Last weekend my husband accompanied Jerry Koolhoven to the Danish bodybuilding contest The Loaded Cup, as his coach and support.  He came back extremely enthusiastic about the competition, the whole vibe over the weekend and has great memories of the people he met and conversations he had.

It was a big production that welcomed around 1500 people from all over the world.  With a vibe that was professional and passionate, the whole production was very well organised.  From entering the event until the end ceremony, it was brilliant.

A huge highlight of the event was that all of the athletes, who were competing that day, were introduced to the audience at the beginning through audio, visual and video media.  It was a great, and respectful way, to include and welcome all of the athletes.

Another Dutch athlete competing in the contest was Shirley van den Bos (coached by Jaimy Maktari – Team Elite Fitness Models) who competed in the Bikini Division.

After pre-judging both Jerry and Shirley went through to the finals and placed 6th in their classes.  Jerry: >80kg Bodybuilding and Shirley: Bikini +172cm.

You can check out more via the Loaded Cup’s facebook page.

Below are some pics (courtesy of Team-Andro) from the contest, featuring both Jerry and Shirley.


Jerry Koolhoven - Loaded Cup 2014 Jerry Koolhoven - Loaded Cup 2014Jerry Koolhoven - Loaded Cup 2014 Shirley van den Bosch - Loaded Cup 2014Shirley van den Bosch - Loaded Cup 2014imageimage_35image_34image_33image_32image_31image_29image_28image_26image_25image_24image_12image_13image_14image_15image_16image_17image_8image_7image_5image_4image_3image_1

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Week 13 – Bikini Competition Prep – Taking Responsibility Week

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

This week has mainly been about responsibility.


At the beginning of the week I thought I wouldn’t have time to train over the weekend so I took responsibility and changed up my schedule a little to incorporate more body groups into 3 days.  As it turns out I got a few extra trainings in, so put more focus on shoulders and glutes.  Since it was, for the most part, fair weather I chose to do my cardio outdoors, mainly in the form of biking and walking.  Oh and some extra back work, when I was busy ‘turning’ the soil on our allotment in preparation for growing veggies.  If you told me a year ago that I would have been doing that, or having anything to do with growing things, I would have laughed.  It’s funny how things change and I’m really excited to be going down the organic gardening route!


The beginning of the week started on point – sticking with the plan but Thursday came which was an “I want to eat everything in sight” day, and yes, I ate more than planned.  However,  I took the reigns and decided to be responsible and have a “Balance Day” on Friday, where I ate less carbs.  Food really is an interesting thing – your attitudes to it, how you deal with being hungry (or thinking you are hungry) and your choices.  I appreciate the days when I go to bed with a sound mind, knowing that I stuck to my food plan.  It’s like getting a gold star from your first teacher haha.  I’m not sure how others feel but for me strength really is making decisions based on your end goal(s), rather than what you want right now, and even though it’s not that easy, remembering to stick to the plan.  One step at a time, and in this case, one meal / snack at a time.


I must admit having a husband who is a bodybuilder really helps in all areas.  You both understand what the other is going through – the trainings, the excitement of getting to the gym or reaching a PR, food choices, the weirdness of ‘Rest Day’, body fat %’s (and how they fluctuate), your love for the sport.  Everything.  When he got into it 4 years ago I thought he was mental, now I totally get it and am motivated every day by his focus.  I’m really grateful that we can share this passion and support each other.  This weekend he accompanied our coach, Jerry Koolhoven, to the Loaded Cup in Denmark where he was Jerry’s coach and support.  Huge congrats to Jerry who came in 6th!!!  It was great to follow the progress and events of the competition, which makes us even more excited for the upcoming contests.

The Week Ahead

Today, a good friend of mine reminded me that there should be “No Zero Days” and that’s the mentality I want to adopt.  Whether it is in the trainings, how I want to look on the contest stage, career goals, personal plans, whatever – from now on there will be no zero days, every day will consist of doing SOMETHING to reach those goals, no matter how small or big.

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