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A great superset to tone your legs (focusing on hamstrings and glutes)

This is one of my favorite supersets that focusses on hamstrings and glutes.  Hammies on fire with this one!  Burn baby burn.

Good Mornings and Stiff Legged Deadlifts.

You can also do this at home without the barbell… focus on stretching out the backs of your legs (particularly your hamstrings) and then squeeze your glutes when you are in the standing position.


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3 effective exercises for glutes and hamstrings

Over the past month I have been focussing a lot on hamstrings and glutes, a very important area to develop and sculpt as a bikini competitor, as well as one that I think many women are interested to shape (at least I have always been!).

Here is a video of 3 exercises, which are really helping me tone those areas – 2 various kickback exercises and standing hamstring curls.

The kickbacks, in the top right video, are so easy to do at home (just do them on the floor) and something I do around 3 times a week (3 sets of 15 reps).  So easy to incorporate into your life (and you can do them whilst watching TV) ;)

As I had a few people ask, the leggings are from American Apparel.

Stay tuned for more videos…

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