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Why you have to lose sight of the shore…

Bikini Competitor Lisanne Vos (

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” – Christopher Columbus


Coming from a person who would always take the least riskiest approach, these are such awesome and powerful words.

This quote really helps you to re-think not only where you are currently at and what you want, but how you have to leave your ‘safe zone’ to reach your goal.

Please don’t waste your energy on worrying

If you want something in life you need to ‘un-worry’ yourself about the things that may go wrong; the doubts, the risks, what could, or may/may not happen… those emotions and thoughts serve no purpose.  As a born worrier I know what it’s like to over think things and worry about ALLLLLL the things that could happen – it’s wasted negative energy.  And that precious energy can be far better spent on positive thoughts, ambitious thinking and actionable doing.

Why you need to lose sight of the shore

Over this past year I have had many learnings, the biggest being that in order to progress in life you have to let go of the safe and the familiar.  You need to take that first step and you need to get out your comfort zone.  If you want to move forward with your life you need to make a choice, make a plan and take steps that may seem scary at first but will bring you closer to what you want.

No matter what it is – a new career move, a new friendship, a new hobby, a new lifestyle, a new family tradition, a new place to call home, a new study, a new way of eating, a new venture… whatever.

You have one life so, seize the day and do what makes you happy.

What’s the worst that can happen?  It doesn’t work out?!  So what!  You tried and that’s more than if you were to just sit there and wonder ‘what could have been’ whilst worrying unnecessarily about all the stuff that may/may not happen.

In order to get to where you want to be you need to leave the shore.

Just Do It

To those who keep thinking about changes they want to make in their lives: stop thinking – start doing.

Start planning and start taking small baby steps each and every day to inch yourself further to your dream / ambition / goal / idea.

Use your internal compass to guide you, start drawing your ‘map’ and set sail.

And please please enjoy the journey – the hours, weeks, months it may take you.

The joy and the pleasure and the hard work and the sweat and the tears and the frustrations and the moments when you want to throw in the towel – those are the moments that make you, build personal progress and growth.  Good character building stuff, as my mum would say.

You will look back and cherish both the good and challenging memories so dearly – they make reaching your goal all that more worth while.

Your journey and your voyage is your legacy, don’t forget that!

So, un-hook your anchor, set off on your exciting voyage and spread those sails!  New, and magical, lands are waiting for you…

What would you lose sight of the shore for?

Special thanks to Dave Vartan for my beautiful leg piece – a total work of art, which is a constant reminder to set sail and embark on new journeys.



No gym? Not much time? No problem!!! Tips and tricks to workout at home

Home gym, fit mom, fitness for moms

This weekend I did something I have been meaning to do for a LONG time.  Workout at home.  I usually choose to go to the gym, but Saturday was a jam packed day including chauffeuring my son to and from a birthday party, meal prepping, making a trip to The Hague and the beach.  Since I didn’t have too much time I wanted to be efficient, thus decided to spend the time it would take me getting to / from the gym on more exercises.  Thanks to Pinterest, I created a board with loads of exercises you can do at home or away (check out my board here).  I did a 50 minute workout, in amongst all the toys etc. and let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised of just how much you can do AND how effective it was!


Muscle / mind connection

I focused on the “muscle/mind” connection.  Since I wasn’t using heavy weights I wanted to really think about the muscles I was using in each and every exercise… the effect – The Burn!


So, what did I do?

Skipping (3 mins x 3)

Sumo squats (15 reps, 3 sets)

Parallel squats (15 reps, 3 sets)

Good mornings (15 reps, 3 sets)

Stiff legged deadlifts (15 reps, 3 sets)

Walking lunges (20, 3 sets)

Wall sits (3 x 30 seconds)

Push-ups (10 reps, 2 sets)

Hip bridges (15 reps, 3 sets… on the last 3 reps I held the bridges for 15 seconds – SQUEEZE those glutes!!!)

Kickbacks (15 reps, 3 sets)

Crunches (15 reps, 3 sets)

There really ain’t nothing to it, but to do it.


What I used 

To be honest, I gathered what we had in the house, but all you really need is yourself.


If you want to invest in some things for your home workouts I would recommend the following:

Yoga mat

Foam roller (check this for inspo)

Resistance bands (some great exercises here)

Skipping rope

Barbell (and weights)

Download the Pinterest app (LOADS of home work out inspiration there, for example here)


I will certainly be doing more home workouts, it’s just so convenient and all you really have to do is set aside 45 mins – 1 hour for it.  In my case I just didn’t dedicate a certain time to it… and let’s be honest wifi got in the way most of the time, haha.  So just turn off the distractions, put on some good music and use this time as your “Me Time” to move your body and de-stress your mind.  Be in the moment, enjoy it, try new exercises and have fun with it.


For more videos and photos check out…

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Week 3 Bikini Competition Prep

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

Stats: 18,5% body fat (5% on my stomach). So I have lost another 1% total body fat in the last 2 weeks.

What a great week – filled of inspiration, motivation, determination and focus.

Nutrition wise

MUCH easier than week 2 regarding food.  Psychologically I have accepted the portions and feel much more confident in creating new ‘side dishes’ and snacks with veggies – let’s give it up for juices, salads and sliced veggies!

Another way to spice up, and make your food more interesting is by getting some new herbs and (salt free) seasonings.

In all honesty I had 2 ‘reward/cheat’ meals this week.  1. An incredibly yummy vegan / vegetarian buffet (and then half a slice of scone / carrot cake), and 2. Pizza (my fav ever cheat meal).  I enjoyed EVERY single bite – this is so important for cheat meals – do not feel guilty. If your food has been on point for the week, then you deserve it.  Since I had 2 cheats this week I did add in an extra hour of cardio in my training schedule.

Training wise

I hit every training hard.  At the beginning of the week I was a little tired but I pushed on through with my shoulder workout, but the rest of the time I was in the zone.  I faced trainings as my way of building and sculpting the body I want.  Every rep (and those all important hard last reps) went towards LINES and definition.  If you want to see changes then you need to push on through.

I really do have huge love, respect and passion for this sport, and am focused for the week ahead. Let’s not forget, listen to and do what your coach tells you and trust the process :)

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

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Week 2 of Bikini Competition Prep…

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)


I took this pic last night, nearly 2 weeks into contest prep.  I have been working on abs 2-3 x a week and have seen more definition since changing my nutrition. Crazy to remember that my stomach has been through pregnancy and was cut open 5.5 months ago to remove kidney cancer and a kidney.  I was bloated for about 3 months post surgery so looked into various solutions and after researching decided to have manual lymphatic drainage which certainly helped, especially around my scars.


Pre bikini competition prep:

Weight – 55kg

Body fat – 21,5%

End of week 1:

Weight – 51.5 kg

Body fat – 19,5%

Learnings and thoughts

No truer words than – “It’s 80% diet, 20% exercise / working out”.  I have followed my food schedule 100% and was amazed to witness body changes, not only on the scale but seeing more definition, lines and cuts in abs and back, which are starting to lean out (yay!).  This with the fact that I lost 2% body fat really tells you that your food / training schedule are working.

Training – the easy and enjoyable part

Training, I just love.  And that coming from a person who was never athletic, sporty or even interested in fitness years ago.  The passion I have developed for this sport is unimaginable.  The gym is my 2nd home – a place to focus your mind, let all other thoughts go, be in the moment and focus on your reps.  Training really is the easy and enjoyable part.  Yes there are days when I am more ‘in the zone’ and full of energy than others but I truly enjoy lifting and pulling heavy weights – total therapy, especially when you go through life changing situations or ‘interesting’ times.  The gym is a place where you have total control and that’s a nice feeling when some parts of life are uncontrollable.

Let’s talk food

The 1st week – no problemo.  I was so focussed and stuck to my schedule 100%.  I thoroughly enjoyed my ‘reward / cheat meal’ (pizza) but stuck to the rest of the meals and snacks.  Week 2 – WTF (Where’s The Food?) – here is where mind tricks start kicking in.  The 1st week is exciting and you have a goal so you enjoy sticking to it, but the 2nd week reality sets in and you start to think ‘I have to eat like this forever?’ haha.  You start to feel hungry, you start to miss the snacks and meals you used to eat and basically all you think about is food.  I have found that the best way to combat these emotions and feelings is by drinking more water and making yourself busy when you feel hungry.  I also put all my ‘hunger energy’ into lovingly preparing and cooking my food.

Competition prep is no joke

Ask anyone who is going through it or has been through it.  2 years ago I laughed at the term ‘bikini athlete’ but now I understand it 100%.  Athlete’s have to be on top of their game – in training and with their nutrition.  Like a runner trains for a marathon, a bikini athlete trains their body (and mind) to ensure their body is the best it can be for the contest stage.  It is a 24/7 lifestyle, 365 days a year (there seriously are No Days Off).  Every bit of food or drink matters, every rep, every step on the treadmill and every emotion or attitude you have.  It all accounts in the end towards the ‘final package’ you will bring to the stage (your physique).  Let me tell you, there is strength and accomplishment in going to bed at night knowing that you made the best choices for yourself that day.  It’s a pretty special feeling if you ask me.  Bikini prep is an amazing thing to experience and witness and I love the psychology of it all – a lot of interesting learnings.

On to Week 3

Monday will mark the start of Week 3 for me, and I am more excited than ever to continue.  Bikini Beast Mode Engaged :)

We are posting updates to Instagram and Twitter so feel free to follow us there too.