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2 weeks out Photo Shoot by Maarten Vos Photography

Two weeks before the Enercup contest, Nieske and I had a photoshoot with Maarten.

We both compete in the Bikini Fitness division and have a huge passion for weights, healthy living, mindfulness and snapbacks to name a few interests that we have in common.

Not only my swolesister but my soulsister :)

Check out some of the awesome shots below.

Lisanne Vos & Nieske (Photo: Maarten Vos Photography)Nieske (Photo: Maarten Vos)Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit) Photo: Maarten VosNieske (Photo: Maarten Vos)

Be sure to check out more on Maarten Vos Photography facebook.


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Friday Five: 5 weeks out video

Good morning and hello you awesome people!  Happy Friday!

Something a little different for today’s “Friday Five” – a short video that Maarten made of last week’s contest prep.

This was us at 5 weeks out of the Enercup.

The video includes quite a few of our training sessions in various gyms that we trained at last week.

The ending is pretty much my fav part – he taped this without me knowing and looking back on it just sums up the whole vibe of after training cardio sessions… sweating it out, catching up with social media and burning that fat.

Ain’t nothing to it but to do it.

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A great superset to tone your legs (focusing on hamstrings and glutes)

This is one of my favorite supersets that focusses on hamstrings and glutes.  Hammies on fire with this one!  Burn baby burn.

Good Mornings and Stiff Legged Deadlifts.

You can also do this at home without the barbell… focus on stretching out the backs of your legs (particularly your hamstrings) and then squeeze your glutes when you are in the standing position.