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Latest Contest Prep Video – 5 Weeks Out FlexCup | 6 Weeks Out Ironman 2014

Where has the time gone?!

Since the Enercup contest it’s been all go and it’s high time for a new contest prep video :)

Below is our latest, documenting a few trainings during our contest prep – Maarten at 6 weeks out of the Ironman/Ironmaiden and myself at 5 weeks out of the FlexCup.

Both of us are working on bringing a few changes to our physiques, so it’s full steam ahead! LESGO!

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Peak Week Contest Prep Vlog – Enercup 2014

Check out our vlog below in the run up to the Enercup contest.  

The video contains scenes and insights into our “Peak Weak” as well as the actual competition, our stage time and routines.

We had an unbelievably awesome time.  Have a look for yourselves…

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Newest Video Online Now! 2 Weeks Out Contest Prep – Enercup 2014

Check out our latest Contest Prep for the Enercup below…

Things have been heating up with the competition coming closer and closer, so we have been upping our trainings and giving it out all in these last couple of weeks.

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Newest Video: 3 Weeks Out Contest Prep Online Now!

We have been busy filming, producing and editing our latest video, which gives you a little insight into our contest prep for the Enercup at 3 weeks out.

As said in this blogpost video is something Maarten and I have both wanted to do for ages, and we are excited and super inspired to bring you more.

Check out the video below featuring a few of our trainings last week with friends in various gyms around Holland…

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Friday Five: 5 Steps to Create a Solid Health & Fitness Goal

5 steps to create a solid health and fitness goal (via getfoxfit)

Goals, and in turn, plans.  A necessity if you want to achieve anything in life.

We can all have wishes, ideas or a vision of what we would like – to lose a few pounds, be a different dress size, have bigger biceps, eat less sugar or processed foods, have a six pack, provide healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners for yourself and your family, be able to walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath, squat more than your body weight, do a pull up (or do 10 pull ups), be more active with your kids, be more confident etc.

BUT without a clear, well defined, goal those things are just ‘wants’ and wishes.  So, what can we do?  How can we create a concrete plan that will enable me to reach my goal?

Let’s go back to school days – do you remember those S.M.A.R.T. goals the teachers were on about?  To be honest I only ever used them in the business and management exams where they were needed.  I never actually used them in real life ‘personal’ situations until recently.

So how do we make a rock solid goal and plan?  I will go through it very simply below and provide examples for you…

Get your pen and paper ready!

1. Specific

Question: Who?  What?  Why?  Where?  When?

The more focus you have, the more powerful the goal is.  AND the better the plan you can make towards reaching it.

So instead of having the goal “Get healthy and fit” make it as specific as possible, for example:

“Join a gym in my neighborhood, train 3 days a week after work and drop 1 dress size within 3 months”

“Eat cleaner and lose 2 kilos in 4 weeks by making 5 dinners a week from scratch”

“Find a running partner locally to train with 3 nights to prepare (and compete in) the half marathon that takes place in 6 months time”

So identify who is involved, what you want to accomplish, the location, a time frame, requirements and the purpose / benefits of reaching your goal.

Like I said, More Focus > More Power.

2. Measurable

We are talking numbers here.  Think about how much / how many and how you will know when you have achieved your goal.

Set target dates.  For example:

“Lose x amount of pounds in x weeks”

“Squat x kg in x training sessions”

“Win x tennis matches in x amount of time”

“Eat x healthy meals every x days”

“Do x amount of pull ups in x amount of time”

3. Attainable

Dream big but create timelines.

You can achieve anything you want, but you need to establish a timeframe and plan for each step of the way.  By making a timeline of what you want to achieve by when, goals will become more attainable.  You can then take small steps in the right direction and do something every single day that will ensure you reach your goal.  Let’s not forget, dreams don’t work unless you do!

4. Realistic

Write down the results that can be realistically achieved given the resources available to you.

Aim as high as you like… even if it may seem impossible, but ask yourself – “Do I have the resources and time to reach this goal?”

For example, since last year my goal has been the following:

“In 14 months I will be alive, healthy and in the best shape of my life to stand on stage and compete in an IFBB Bikini Competition (October 2014).”

This was my goal since I was diagnosed with cancer.  I wanted to prove to myself that anything is possible if you put your mind to it… plus I wanted to create the best physique I had ever had in my life, no matter of my age or what I had been through.  The quote, “It’s never too late to be in the best shape of your life” made a huge impact on me.

My goal was pretty high, something I never would have imaged, but I had enough time to reach the goal even though I knew there would be a lot to overcome to reach it.

Physically speaking I had to recover from having a 1kg cancerous tumor and kidney being taken out of my body, I had to adjust to having one kidney, I had to go from not being able to walk after surgery to regaining the strength and energy that was necessary to get fit, healthy and back into the gym to train.

I had to adapt mentally – by nature I am a shy introvert (too sensitive and too much thinking), so I would need to get over ‘stage fright’ and gain the confidence to not only stand in a bikini on front of thousands of people, but also get out of my comfort zone and share my journey and progress online.

Yes, there are challenges to overcome BUT realistically speaking this goal is attainable through hard work and by taking small steps every day to inch me closer to my goal.

I would go so far in saying that the bigger the goal the more passion, love and determination you have!  So bear that in mind when you are creating your goal – aim high!

5. Timely

Specify when the result will be achieved.

What is the specific timeframe?

A deadline time will create urgency.  If you don’t have a set time or any urgency then your focus and momentum may slip away.

So, if you want to lose 12 lbs, when do you want to lose it by?

If you want to squat 100kg, when do you want to squat it by?

Anchor your goal with a date.


Recap and goal checklist

Now that you have a clear idea of how you can make a concrete goal, let’s just double check you have all of the elements needed to make it rock solid.  So read your goal again and ask yourself, is it….

1. Specific?

2. Measurable?

3. Attainable?

4. Realistic?

5. Timely?

Now, go and take those steps each and every day to reach it!!!  #GameOn

I would love to hear what your goals and plans are!  Please feel free to share them in the comments below!


Friday Five: My Top 5 Fitness Tips

Need some tips to get fit and focused?

Well, let’s cut to the chase and get to it.  Below are my current top tips:

1. Put on your sports clothes / gym gear

If you are ‘in doubt’ of wanting to exercise / get to the gym / go for a run etc. go and put your fitness gear on.  This has always helped me on so many occasions because it feels like my decision has already been made for me, as A) I feel weird sitting on the couch or behind my screen in work out clothes if I haven’t worked out or exercised in any form and B) I’m too lazy to get changed into something else, so I may as well go and train before the day is over and it’s time to get into ‘house pants’.

So whatever it is you that are planning on doing – a brisk walk, a bike ride, a session at the gym, picking up weights in the house, go and get your leggings / sweat pants, top and trainers on and get to it.

2. Get friends and family involved

Make a date with a friend to go for a run, or a walk or a weight training session at the gym.  Get your kids involved by getting the a yoga mat out and teaching them yoga moves, or some of your fav exercises.  Kids love to do what mom and dad are doing, they love being active and they love participating in competitions – so make it fun.

Having a partner – an ‘accountabila-buddy’ – helps you to stick to the plan, as you can’t just not show up to a date you made, and no one really likes to cancel (hello guilt).  Having a fitness buddy also helps you mentally; to support you, shout at you, push you further and provide some friendly competition.

3. Get outside

Remember when you were a kid, “Mum / dad, can I go and play outside?”  Well, let’s bring that back.  Step away from, or put down, your screen.  Go offline for a while and get outside and play!

It’s summer so take advantage of the days being warmer and brighter and the lighter evenings.  Instead of watching TV, or scrolling through facebook in the evening, get your trainers on.  Clear your head and get inspired.  The outdoors – be it the park, in the hills, through the forrest, city streets, urban playgrounds or through the skyscrapers downtown – beauty and awesomeness are all around and they can generate new ideas, new attitudes and clarity.  So go and get on your bike, talk a walk, do some sprints, find stairs to use as your outdoor StairMaster, run, jog, rollerblade, go to the park and ‘monkey around’ like you did all those years ago as a kid.  Go by yourself, go with your partner, go with your kids, go with friends.  Just get outside!

4.  Take a selfie

I kid you not.  THE best way to track progress.  Yes, you have numbers in the way of the scale, body fat measurements, the numbers on the measuring tape etc. but changes can be so small and incremental that you don’t see them yourself.  This is where photos come in.  Take a photo today, then 1 month from now and then each month after that – it’s a brilliant way to see the changes, even if you don’t or if the scale / measurements tell you otherwise.  Another awesome effect of this is that you will be motivated to go further and work harder.  And you will feel achievement in how far you have come from that first photo.

4. Just Do It

I wish I came up with this slogan myself.  I use this term so often through the day – with fitness and in many other elements of my life.  Seriously, what is stopping you.  Just Do It.  Especially in those times when you don’t feel like it.  Too tired, can’t be bothered, don’t want to get to the gym in the rain, just want to veg behind a screen… well, those are the exact times that you need to Just Do It.  Not only will you be benefitting your health and changing your body, but you will have a sense of accomplishment – that feeling after a great workout or run or bike ride… that’s what I am talking about and you will feel so proud that you took the decision to just do it.  Pretty awesome moments in life if you ask me.

As an added bonus, you won’t just be creating physical changes (building strength, burning fat, getting your heart and organs working, pumping blood and oxygen around your body) but it’s good for your mind.  Exercise can be total therapy:  in the morning to clear your head and focus on the day, or in the middle, or at the end, of a stressful day to chill you out and maximise creativity and problem solving .  You never know what genius idea(s) may come to you!  So Just Do It.

Top 5 fitness tips (by Lisanne Vos - getfoxfit)


Review of American Apparel Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings

American Apparel Nylon Leggings (Review by Lisanne Vos | getfoxfit)

Leggings. One of my most favorite items… However finding The Perfect Legging is a task more challenging than learning how to squat for the first time. It takes time, patience and a whole load of trying to get it right.

Hello Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings

One pair that is on rotation for my trainings are American Apparel’s nylon leggings. I bought them in black years ago and it wasn’t until all my other leggings that I use for working out were in the wash that I tried them for Leg Day. I was pleasantly surprised that they were not only comfy but gave enough stretch and support for squats, lunges, leg extensions etc.

Colour and support

Surf the site or go in the store and you will be met with a gorgeous array of jewel like colours – from red to green to silver. AA really do know their colours and the shimmery nylon of these leggings intensifies them more than any camera+ filter could.

Not only do they come in amazingly gorgeous colours but because the fabric is thick it supports your legs, the same as a compression pant that many runners use.


You want these bad boys tight, or else (in the case of my black one’s, which I bought years ago when I was a different dress size) they will tend to fall down. So go with as small a size as you can – this will keep them in place and, like I said, provide support to your legs. Perfect for running, leg training sessions, biking etc.

Wear and washability

Truth be told I wear the black one’s so often, not just at the gym, but with a t-shirt, jumper or long racer back top for every day wear. Awesome, and comfy.

My black pair must be about 6 years old, washed and worn 1 millions times and still going strong – they look (and feel) the same as the day I bought them.

Impressive stuff American Apparel!

Check them out and buy online here

getfoxfit (review american apparel nylon leggings)