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The Loaded Cup 2014 in Denmark

Last weekend my husband accompanied Jerry Koolhoven to the Danish bodybuilding contest The Loaded Cup, as his coach and support.  He came back extremely enthusiastic about the competition, the whole vibe over the weekend and has great memories of the people he met and conversations he had.

It was a big production that welcomed around 1500 people from all over the world.  With a vibe that was professional and passionate, the whole production was very well organised.  From entering the event until the end ceremony, it was brilliant.

A huge highlight of the event was that all of the athletes, who were competing that day, were introduced to the audience at the beginning through audio, visual and video media.  It was a great, and respectful way, to include and welcome all of the athletes.

Another Dutch athlete competing in the contest was Shirley van den Bos (coached by Jaimy Maktari – Team Elite Fitness Models) who competed in the Bikini Division.

After pre-judging both Jerry and Shirley went through to the finals and placed 6th in their classes.  Jerry: >80kg Bodybuilding and Shirley: Bikini +172cm.

You can check out more via the Loaded Cup’s facebook page.

Below are some pics (courtesy of Team-Andro) from the contest, featuring both Jerry and Shirley.


Jerry Koolhoven - Loaded Cup 2014 Jerry Koolhoven - Loaded Cup 2014Jerry Koolhoven - Loaded Cup 2014 Shirley van den Bosch - Loaded Cup 2014Shirley van den Bosch - Loaded Cup 2014imageimage_35image_34image_33image_32image_31image_29image_28image_26image_25image_24image_12image_13image_14image_15image_16image_17image_8image_7image_5image_4image_3image_1


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Week 8 Bikini Competition Prep… be proud of how far you have come!

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

Grateful for cancer (as weird as that may sound)

Tomorrow marks 7 months since having surgery to remove a huge a*s cancer tumor (named Lionel) and my right kidney.  I still find it crazy to think I had cancer and find it hard to believe that just 7 months ago I couldn’t even walk 2 steps and needed a nurse to help me get out of bed.  It was a case of going back to basics – building up enough (mental and physical) strength to get up from lying down, to each and every step forward.  Well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I am blessed to be sitting here typing this right now with no pain, and no ill effects of Lionel.

My reason for writing this is to say that no matter where you started from, let’s take a moment to appreciate how far you have come! No matter if it’s to do with nutrition changes (saying no to sugary snacks or taking the time to meal prep).  No matter if it’s to do with being able to squat 10 kg or 120 kg.  No matter if it’s for being a little more positive and happy in your overall outlook on life.  Whatever it may be – be proud of your accomplishment and use that to fuel up even more focus and determination in your next goal(s).


Back to bikini prep…


It was a good week apart from feeling a little ‘flu’ coming on but I met my trainings and enjoyed it all.  I trained 4 times this week (for anyone wondering I spend around 1.15 hours max in the gym – 45 mins weights, 30 mins cardio).  Had such a great day on Thursday, training and hanging out, with the awesome Lara and Anouk (as pictured above).  I’m truly blessed to have met and have these 2 ladies in my life.


Pretty much on point.  On the days where I felt a little ‘under the weather’ I upped my carbs a little, but stuck to the overall plan.  I will admit I was really really focused on, and looking forward to, my cheat/reward meal this week… I was excited to get to Saturday evening for a visit from Mr New York Pizza.  Honestly, I went a little mental – La Rustica pizza, garlic bread and potato wedges (which I normally share, but this time I ate it all myself).  Result – food coma.  Lesson learned – do NOT step over that line of “eyes bigger than your stomach”.  Bad move.  Nothing worse than a heavy stomach feeling.


Grateful to all that happened last year, I really am.  Cancer changed me – not in an “over night” way, but in a slow and steady way.  I was hoping that it may have given me a ‘hallelujah I’m alive” moment, it didn’t.  Rather, it was a process of small changes which has brought us to today, and I quite like that slow and low approach.  I’m thankful that I made a full recovery and more than ever focused and dedicated to keep my health in order and stick to the plan.  I’m also so grateful to have an awesome coach / trainer (Jerry Koolhoven) who I started with in January and who is keeping everything in check and on point.  I really have seen the biggest changes happen since working with Jerry.  So, on to the next week – excited!

You can also follow progress pics and training videos on: