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Peak Week Contest Prep Vlog – Enercup 2014

Check out our vlog below in the run up to the Enercup contest.  

The video contains scenes and insights into our “Peak Weak” as well as the actual competition, our stage time and routines.

We had an unbelievably awesome time.  Have a look for yourselves…

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How far have you come in a year?

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

Have you ever taken the time to think back to where you were 1 year ago today?

Too often we get caught up in our day and week that we seldomly think about and, more importantly, appreciate how far we have come.

I have done it myself throughout the years – focusing on wanting things immediately (or yesterday) and not taking the time to realise what you have been though in the last year and what you have achieved.

A quote that speaks to me today, more than ever, is the following:


Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go.


Especially as I look at the date and remember that 1 year ago today I was in the hospital having surgery for renal cell carcinoma or, more simply put, kidney cancer.  I remember it like yesterday, as pictured above – walking to the hospital with Mr Fox, Universal gym bag on my shoulder in my sweat pants and Nike Free’s and an “Athlete” mentality.

No matter the pain or what my body had to go through that day I would recover as best as I could with this new found athlete way of thinking – from this day out, after the Surgeon had ‘cleaned’ my body I would respect it as best as I could through the proper nutrition, exercise and mentality, and as an extra bonus work towards getting myself on stage and compete in my first IFBB competition.

So, how far have we come?  Well – 1 year ago I couldn’t walk, or even sit up in bed.  Even with the epidural and endless pain medications my body felt like it had been ran over by a bull dozer and any movements I made felt like an internal thunder and lightening storm.  Just crazy.

No words will ever say how grateful I am to my Surgeon who saved my life, as well as all the Dr’s, nurses and specialists who diagnosed me and got me ‘back on my feet’.  As weird as it sounds the Maasstad Ziekenhuis holds a very special place in my heart, and it’s always a pleasure to go there every 3 months for my check ups and tests – I have safe in the knowledge that I’m in the best of hands there.  (If ever you are in need I would highly recommend this hospital!).

The conclusion of my little story… take a moment and think about where you were this time last year.  What has changed, what have you achieved?  Take that knowledge and think about how far you would like to go.  Where would you like to be 1 year from now?  Set yourself goals and execute them day by day.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, make magic happen!

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Why you have to lose sight of the shore…

Bikini Competitor Lisanne Vos (

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” – Christopher Columbus


Coming from a person who would always take the least riskiest approach, these are such awesome and powerful words.

This quote really helps you to re-think not only where you are currently at and what you want, but how you have to leave your ‘safe zone’ to reach your goal.

Please don’t waste your energy on worrying

If you want something in life you need to ‘un-worry’ yourself about the things that may go wrong; the doubts, the risks, what could, or may/may not happen… those emotions and thoughts serve no purpose.  As a born worrier I know what it’s like to over think things and worry about ALLLLLL the things that could happen – it’s wasted negative energy.  And that precious energy can be far better spent on positive thoughts, ambitious thinking and actionable doing.

Why you need to lose sight of the shore

Over this past year I have had many learnings, the biggest being that in order to progress in life you have to let go of the safe and the familiar.  You need to take that first step and you need to get out your comfort zone.  If you want to move forward with your life you need to make a choice, make a plan and take steps that may seem scary at first but will bring you closer to what you want.

No matter what it is – a new career move, a new friendship, a new hobby, a new lifestyle, a new family tradition, a new place to call home, a new study, a new way of eating, a new venture… whatever.

You have one life so, seize the day and do what makes you happy.

What’s the worst that can happen?  It doesn’t work out?!  So what!  You tried and that’s more than if you were to just sit there and wonder ‘what could have been’ whilst worrying unnecessarily about all the stuff that may/may not happen.

In order to get to where you want to be you need to leave the shore.

Just Do It

To those who keep thinking about changes they want to make in their lives: stop thinking – start doing.

Start planning and start taking small baby steps each and every day to inch yourself further to your dream / ambition / goal / idea.

Use your internal compass to guide you, start drawing your ‘map’ and set sail.

And please please enjoy the journey – the hours, weeks, months it may take you.

The joy and the pleasure and the hard work and the sweat and the tears and the frustrations and the moments when you want to throw in the towel – those are the moments that make you, build personal progress and growth.  Good character building stuff, as my mum would say.

You will look back and cherish both the good and challenging memories so dearly – they make reaching your goal all that more worth while.

Your journey and your voyage is your legacy, don’t forget that!

So, un-hook your anchor, set off on your exciting voyage and spread those sails!  New, and magical, lands are waiting for you…

What would you lose sight of the shore for?

Special thanks to Dave Vartan for my beautiful leg piece – a total work of art, which is a constant reminder to set sail and embark on new journeys.


What are you training for? Essentially…life!

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

I was inspired to write this after speaking with a good friend this evening about training, fitness and food and it came to my attention that to the “outside” world it may look like I am training for a contest and that’s why I am so focussed.

Truth be told the contest is secondary.  Essentially I am training for life.  Simple as that.

Story time…

Let me tell you a story… 1 week after my kidney cancer surgery I couldn’t stand for longer than 5 minutes and could barely make it to the kitchen from the couch, however my will to eat clean and healthy over powered the pain I had searing through my body.  Since the cancer diagnosis I researched my heart out into nutrition, toxins and chemicals and made a choice to cut and eliminate as many of them as possible from our house and lives.  I was extremely careful about everything I was consuming and everything I put on my body and decided to eat as clean as humanly possible.  But back to the story…  There I was on the couch, knowing that I had to eat dinner and make a “good” choice, so I decided on broccoli soup and well – all I needed was some boiling water and a blender.  With a determined mind I managed to get myself off the couch, hobble very slowly to the kitchen and stand there while making the soup.  Let me just say the easiest option would have been to order takeaway from my iPad but no, my choices from now on were to eat clean and fuel my body with the right things and not toxins / chemicals (which you find in refined and processed food).  After making my soup I happily ate it, appreciating that fact that I knew all of the ingredients that went into it and feeling 100% comforted that it was clean.

My training and nutrition choices are basically made to keep myself alive and make sure I stay around for as long as possible, and to be as healthy as possible.

The competition, well that’s an added bonus – it’s awesome to have a goal to work towards and to really see what the body (and mind) are capable of.  The fitness and clean eating, well that’s just my lifestyle now – but the contest, that is another step.  Before, during and after cancer it was a focus I was passionate about and I’m motivated in giving my all.

I can honestly say that I love the control I have over food and fitness.  Could I have changed the fact that I had cancer by making different choices?  No idea, but one thing I m sure of is that I don’t want it to come back.  Each and every time I walk on that treadmill I look myself in the eyes and whole heartedly believe and know that I am doing this to stay alive.  I am in control and I am healthy.

Man in the Mirror

Just this evening I was listening to Michael Jackson (Bad) – no idea why I picked that but I guess it had a reason as it does all start with the Man in the Mirror.  If you want to make a change, then YOU have to be it.  No one else will make those changes for you.

Others can give advice / support and make plans for you but YOU need to be the one to make your choices (in any area of your life, not just fitness and food).  As Michael sings “Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change”.  Simple.

I love being in the gym, I love weight lifting (and seeing the changes in strength and definition) and I’m happy with my nutrition choices – it makes me feel that I can ward off the cancer as humanly possible.  Do I want to eat 6 pizza’s instead of 1?  Hell yes!  But I know it’s not what my body needs.  It needs clean, nutritious food 90% of the time and a little treat now and again (1 pizza instead of the 6 haha).

This lifestyle really has become my passion. I’m always happy to speak about health, fitness and nutrition, so if you need me just holla!

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Why enter a Bikini & Fitness Model Competition?

Last summer I remember saying to Mr Fox that I was ready for a challenge – something that would be life changing and possibly one of the hardest things I have ever done – so a Bikini & Fitness Model Competition it was.  Well, that was the plan…

In reality the ‘something that would be life changing’ came in another form – kidney cancer, which put the competition on hold.  Hitting it hard in the gym changed to hitting it hard at home, resting and getting back on my feet after surgery.  If you are interested the whole story (from diagnosis to surgery to recovery) is documented here.

The latter half of 2013 was interesting…  going from being active and carefree to having to build up the strength to walk just a few paces.  At 6.5 weeks post surgery I hit the gym, it was truly an awesome experience to get back in there and focus on something.  It was my therapy both physically and mentally.

On the day of my first CT Scan results, since surgery, I was ecstatic to receive the ‘all clear’ of cancer (woooo hooooo), however they did find that I had pneumonia.   So I was back on the bench for a few weeks again.  Gutted.  Just as I was getting in the zone, I had to rest again.

Now that we are back on track I am more than ready to take on the challenge of competing.  I truly feel the drive that is needed, both physically and mentally.   We have found an awesome coach/trainer/nutritionist who will guide and push us.  Both myself and Mr Fox will compete in our first competition this year.  It’s awesome to have the same passions, goals and now a challenge.  Bodybuilding / women’s Bikini & Fitness Model competitions are no joke – they take focus, drive, determination and motivation.  It’s not just about getting to the gym, lifting weights or doing cardio… the main challenge is what happens in the kitchen and food wise.  Luckily we will know and understand what the other is going through and will be there to support each other 24/7, it’s a journey we are excited to take together.

After telling friends and family about our goals there have been a few questions (including the most asked – will you have to fake tan?) and I have written a little FAQ here.

You can also check out more progress pics and training videos on:




Beast mode: ON :)

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

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Exercise and fitness at home

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

After being out of the game for 4 weeks due to pneumonia.  Being out of the gym has been weird but I knew in order to build strength and recover properly would take Relaxing, with a capital R.  So that’s just what I did and blogged about it here.

Today was the first day I put on my fitness gear and attempted to get back on track.  If we are going to compete next year then it’s time to make stuff happen.  In the words of Nike – Just Do It.  Since I put myself into the “Chill Zone” and didn’t allow myself to Do It for the last month I felt today was time to test the water.

I felt proud to have managed some short sprints in the winter sun and start my mission of Project Yoga and Fitness at Home.  Over the past months I have been building a Fitness at home Pinterest board loaded with yoga poses and various other exercises that you can do at home or if you are traveling.

I was aware that I was just adding to that board but not doing any of it, however today marks the first day of actually doing some of those pins, practicing yoga and taking advantage of exercises you can do anywhere.   In the words of Mr Fox – Life is an Exercise.

It is never too late to start, it just takes that first step ;)