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Latest Contest Prep Video – 5 Weeks Out FlexCup | 6 Weeks Out Ironman 2014

Where has the time gone?!

Since the Enercup contest it’s been all go and it’s high time for a new contest prep video :)

Below is our latest, documenting a few trainings during our contest prep – Maarten at 6 weeks out of the Ironman/Ironmaiden and myself at 5 weeks out of the FlexCup.

Both of us are working on bringing a few changes to our physiques, so it’s full steam ahead! LESGO!

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Thank You to our Coach – Jerry Koolhoven

Lisanne Vos and Jerry Koolhoven - Enercup 2014

I’m busy writing and putting together a blog post about my biggest learnings from this contest prep and one thing is extremely clear – none of it would have been possible without this man – our Coach Jerry Koolhoven Nbbf Bondscoach.

At the beginning of this year I went to him with a specific goal and with his help, support and guidance throughout this year I couldn’t be happier with the physique I walked on stage with at the Enercup.

He knew my ultimate criteria was to be as healthy as I could be (especially after cancer), stick to my specific eating habits (a combo of vegan and macrobiotic) and ensure my one remaining kidney would stay safe and sound.

Jerry, thanks so much! Not only am I happy about the physical changes but I’ve never felt healthier in my life.

Maarten winning 4th place in the -90kg bodybuilding class and me winning the People’s Choice Award was the icing on the cake.

Truly Humbled and Honoured!

Excted for the changes we can bring in the next 7 weeks for the FlexCup.

Lisanne Vos and Jerry Koolhoven - Enercup 2014

Lisanne Vos and Maarten Vos - Enercup 2014

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Peak Week Contest Prep Vlog – Enercup 2014

Check out our vlog below in the run up to the Enercup contest.  

The video contains scenes and insights into our “Peak Weak” as well as the actual competition, our stage time and routines.

We had an unbelievably awesome time.  Have a look for yourselves…

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Newest Video Online Now! 2 Weeks Out Contest Prep – Enercup 2014

Check out our latest Contest Prep for the Enercup below…

Things have been heating up with the competition coming closer and closer, so we have been upping our trainings and giving it out all in these last couple of weeks.

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Newest Video: 3 Weeks Out Contest Prep Online Now!

We have been busy filming, producing and editing our latest video, which gives you a little insight into our contest prep for the Enercup at 3 weeks out.

As said in this blogpost video is something Maarten and I have both wanted to do for ages, and we are excited and super inspired to bring you more.

Check out the video below featuring a few of our trainings last week with friends in various gyms around Holland…

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Newest video: 4 Weeks Out Contest Prep for the Enercup 2014

Our progress photos are being shared… now it’s time for some more film action.

Here is a short video of Maarten and I at 4 weeks out of the Enercup 2014 showing some of our trainings from last week.

Featuring our Coach and Trainer Jerry Koolhoven Nbbf Bondscoach, Strength Coach Barbell StrengthIce76 Ice Cream and Team JK

18 days and counting!



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Friday Five: 5 weeks out video

Good morning and hello you awesome people!  Happy Friday!

Something a little different for today’s “Friday Five” – a short video that Maarten made of last week’s contest prep.

This was us at 5 weeks out of the Enercup.

The video includes quite a few of our training sessions in various gyms that we trained at last week.

The ending is pretty much my fav part – he taped this without me knowing and looking back on it just sums up the whole vibe of after training cardio sessions… sweating it out, catching up with social media and burning that fat.

Ain’t nothing to it but to do it.