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Bikini Contest Prep| 6 Weeks Out FlexCup | Do It…

Do it for pride

Do it for growth

Do it to be more

Do it for strength

Do it for greatness

Do it for confidence

Do it for the lessons

Do it for the passion

Do it to find meaning

Do it for the learnings

Do it to be accountable

Do it to push your limits

Do it for new experiences

Do it to achieve your goals

Do it to create a better you

Do it for new opportunities

Do it to overcome your fears

Do it to make yourself proud

Do it to change your attitude

Do it to get out your comfort zone

Do it to overcome your insecurities

Do it for all your past disappointments

Do it for the greatness you can achieve

Do it for the changes you want to make

Do it to change negatives into positives

Do it for the gains (mental and physical)

Do it to push yourself and your boundaries

Do it for all the drama you want to leave behind

Do it for all the cool and new things that will happen

Above all…

Do it for YOU! 

It is never too late.

One life, no rehearsal.

It’s You vs You.

Whatever it is you want to achieve – Do It!!!

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)


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6 weeks out (Bikini Competition Prep) 5 learnings from this week…

6 week out (Bikini Competition Prep Blog) - 5 learnings from this week.. (@getfoxfit)

Today marks 6 weeks out.  Exciting times, just 42 days until the Enercup.  I find every week has different learnings and wanted to share this weeks on today’s competition prep blogpost.  So without further ado, here are the Top 5.

1. Trust your coach 

This past week ‘The Boss’ (coach Jerry Koolhoven) put me on a 2 day pre contest carb loading practice run.  Did someone say more carbs?  No complaints from me.  Of course there are moments when you hope things will go the way they are supposed to, but he has a plan and I trust him 100% so was comfortable to do what he asked and see how it would affect my physique.  Suffice to say he was happy with the result.  I’m very grateful to have a coach who puts me at ease, has a master plan and who I can trust throughout the whole contest prep.  If you are looking to do a competition or contest, finding yourself a reputable coach who you ‘click with’ and trust is something I would recommend.

2. Meal planning

Meal prep really helped me this week as there were days when we were out and about.  With 6 weeks until the competition food has to be on point and I have come to realise that the only way to stick to the program is to plan in advance, prep and take food with you when you are out of the house.

3. Take the time to appreciate your progress

All to often we want to reach the end goal yesterday… but you need to appreciate how far you have come – the changes you have made, how you have grown as a person, what you have learned and how you can take all of those things to propel yourself further.  So even although you want to be at XX body fat, or XX kgs, or lift XX pounds in the gym.  Take a moment to consider how far you have come already.

4. If in doubt, go work out

Yes there are times you are tired, or just want to stay home, however it’s Game Time – every training counts and every training will help you reach that goal you have set.  I know full well that if I even miss one training I’ll regret it later.  One of the best ways of getting myself to exercise and workout is to get my sports gear on, works each and every time :)  In need of fitness tips?  Click here for my Top 5.

5. Set short term goals

To keep things interesting and keep you focussed I’ve found it very beneficial to set short term goals.  Be it a daily goal – meet all your nutritional needs for the day, or reach a new PR, or go for a morning bike ride. etc.  Or a weekly goal – cook 3 clean vegetarian dinners, workout 3 times a week etc.  Think of ways that you can make these goals fun to help keep you motivated.

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