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3 weeks out (Bikini Competition Prep) You Are Stronger Than You Think

3 weeks out (Bikini Competition Prep) You are stronger than you think ( #bikinicompetitor

This weeks contest prep update is brought to you by the word “Strength”.

Physically and mentally.

The countdown has pretty much turned into days rather than weeks, and as the contest is getting closer and closer now is the time to really focus and push it.

In the gym and especially the other 23 hours out of the gym.

Physically speaking

I like to keep things interesting so one thing I did this week was focus on strength (physically) and instead of do my ‘normal’ Back Day, I opted for Dead Lifts and enlisted the expertise and help from our friend Will, Barbell Strength, who is a Strength Coach.

I have dead lifted many times, but they are one of the most technical moves and exercises to perform, so having his guidance and watchful eye was great.  At this point in contest prep, it’s not the time to pull a PR (Personal Record) however, I know that I tend to err to the side of caution rather than see what is possible, so knew that I could actually get to heaviest weight I could lift at this point in time.

We took it slowly – warmed up and built up to my max weight and I was pretty pleased with having reached a new PR (75kg), and know without a doubt that I can work on this and up my weight sooner than I think (especially in the “off season” where I have more carbs to fuel my workouts).

This whole experience did make me realise that I can push myself further and am stronger than I think.  So Off Season – I have some goals for you!

Mentally speaking

There have been days in the past where I wanted to eat an extra ‘something’.  I would usually back this up and say “Well it’s leg day so I could use the fuel anyway” or “If I eat this I will do 30 mins extra cardio tomorrow”, etc. etc.

There is always a way to tell yourself that you are making, or have made, the right decision.  However, something that I really believe in is that you cannot out train a bad diet.  So this past week I have stuck to the plan 100%.

Years ago, even last year actually, I would have felt very differently to how I do now about food.  There are so many emotions tied with food and the psychology of it all is extremely interesting.

Why do we make the food choices that we do?  Why do we feel the need to reward ourselves with food?  Why do we (think) we are hungry when we are a little bored or have time on our hands?  Why can we not just stick to eating the recommended amount rather than over eat?  Why do we have specific food or eating habits and rituals? etc.

During starting contest prep I have gone through it all and am amazed at just how much you can change your habits, behaviours and emotions when it comes to food.

You may be strong physically, or continually work on being stronger, but really the hard work is mental strength, at least that is what I have found during this prep.  A wonderful journey.