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1 Week Out (Bikini Competition Prep) 3 Big Learnings and Peak Week…

Team JK athletes (Enercup 2014) feat Lisanne & Maarten Vos (@getfoxfit) Team JK athletes (Enercup 2014) feat Lisanne & Maarten Vos (@getfoxfit) Team JK athletes (Enercup 2014)

Above are a few shots from today at the Team JK head quarters Fitness Boulevard with our team mates who are all competing in the Enercup this time next week.  All happy in our new team hoodies.

Well… I can’t quite believe it myself but in just 7 days we will be on the stage!

All those months of hard work, focus, dedication and discipline that all of the athletes have put in will come to light.

One word – exciting!

Current mood: Feeling like a kid counting down the days til Christmas whilst preparing for this like I would a wedding.  It’s a big day for us both, as well as all the other 150 competing athletes.  Number 1 goal – to take in and enjoy every single minute.

I can imagine that the next days will be a sort of ‘right of passage’ – going from contest prep through Peak Week to the competition.

During this last week there have been 3 main thoughts and learnings, that I’ll share with you:

1) Do it for YOU

Yes, you are on stage and you are ‘competing’ but essentially I undertook this goal and lifestyle change for me.  This time last year I was just getting back on my feet after kidney cancer surgery.

Coincidentally, or not, the day I created this website and entered back into the gym after surgery was exactly 1 year ago to the Enercup date (5 October).

On that day, last year, I walked into the gym with a clear goal – to push my limits, challenge myself, create a body I was proud of and most importantly be the healthiest version of myself.

A quote that really had an impact on me last year was

“It is never too late to get the body you have always wanted”

And this was exactly what inspired me, at 34, to do just that.  There were so many parts that I was insecure with (mentally and physically) so setting a goal of entering a Bikini Fitness Competition was exactly what I needed to keep me focused and motivated.

I have had many many learnings along the way – a sort of self discovery.  Have had some hard days, some days when you question yourself and had many days which have been just pure awesomeness in 24 hours.  I’ve met amazing, wonderful and inspiring people who I now call friends, and who have become family.

Honestly, I have loved every single freaking minute of this prep (the good and the bad).  So, yes you are up on that stage “in competition” against others, but truly I am only in competition with myself.

This being my first contest will reveal a whole load of things that I can work on for the next competition, and in general.

Physically there will be things I can improve on, and mentally there will be new obstacles, challenges and opportunities to become a better person all round.

2) Try doing things differently and slow down!

Being a creature of habit I have quite a few big and small routines that I adhere to every day… however this week I mixed things up a bit.

I’ve finally taken my TIME with things instead of rushing through the day to get everything done on my ‘to do’ list.  Life is about enjoying every moment (see No 3) so why not take the time and pride in what you are doing – no matter if it is making dinner, working, doing the dishes, taking a photo, playing with your kids, exercises or doing supermarket shopping.  Be mindful.

Also – why not try and do things differently – take a different route to the gym, try different foods, try new ways of training, ask yourself these questions to recharge your goals, try doing something else in the evening than what you usually do, go somewhere new with your kids, explore, undertake an ‘adventure’ of some sort.

Don’t get stuck.  Shake things up.  You might just be very surprised at the result.  I have been a lot calmer and unstressed than other points in my life because of this week – and that’s all due to changing things up and slowing down.

Even think about and be mindful to take the time and breath properly.  Did you know that many people (including myself) stop breathing correctly when they are writing an email? So take your time and be aware of what you are doing and what’s happening around you.


As said above – enjoy your life.  Enjoy your day.  Enjoy your food.  Enjoying hanging out with your friends and family.  Enjoy time by yourself.  Just enjoy everything.

One thing that is certain is that I want to enjoy every single second of the Enercup next Sunday.

I want to enjoy getting ready, being backstage, being around people who have gone through contest prep and who share the same interests and passions.

The week ahead

I’m really looking forward to the next 6 days leading up to the contest.  I’ve put in the hours, I’ve scrutinised every meal. I’ve woken up with a plan and gone to bed with either A) learnings or B) the most awesome feeling of accomplishing what I set out to do.

It’s now time to carb load (YAY!!!), have fun with light training sessions and get my girly on with a little pruning, prepping and pampering…

Be sure to follow the in’s and out’s of next week, as well as all backstage antics, at the competition via Instagram and Facebook.

See you on the other side!