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Review of Ice Guard: Natural Crystal Deodorant Stick

Last year I went on a mission: Cut out as many chemicals and unnecessary additives as possible and use natural products.

First on my list was deodorant.

After spending about 20-30 mins reading the labels of all the deodorants in our local natural store the most indecisive person in the universe finally made a decision and went for Ice Guard, which is made from natural mineral salts.

I’ve been using this for over a year now and am extremely happy with it.  Not only is it natural BUT it lasts ages.
I’m extremely impressed and this is coming from a person who used to think ‘the more perfumed the better’ (yes times have changed).
Once on in the morning and you are so fresh and so clean all day long :)
It gets the 2 thumbs up from me.

Check out the benefits below:

  • Contains ammonium alum, a naturally occurring mineral which suppresses the growth of skin bacteria
  • Prevents odour-causing bacteria from forming and enables the skin to perspire naturally
  • 24hr Protection
  • Unscented
  • Hypoallergenic – contains no other preservatives or fragrances
  • No Aluminium Zirconium
  • No Aluminium Chlorohydrate
  • Non-Staining
  • Economical – Twist Up and Roll On can last up to a year
  • Environmentally friendly – made from 100% natural mineral salts
  • Easy to use
  • Does not block pores or leave sticky / oily residue, which means no annoying white marks

To buy:

In The Netherlands from de Tuinen

In the UK from the Health Store

In the USA from Amazon



Review of American Apparel Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings

American Apparel Nylon Leggings (Review by Lisanne Vos | getfoxfit)

Leggings. One of my most favorite items… However finding The Perfect Legging is a task more challenging than learning how to squat for the first time. It takes time, patience and a whole load of trying to get it right.

Hello Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings

One pair that is on rotation for my trainings are American Apparel’s nylon leggings. I bought them in black years ago and it wasn’t until all my other leggings that I use for working out were in the wash that I tried them for Leg Day. I was pleasantly surprised that they were not only comfy but gave enough stretch and support for squats, lunges, leg extensions etc.

Colour and support

Surf the site or go in the store and you will be met with a gorgeous array of jewel like colours – from red to green to silver. AA really do know their colours and the shimmery nylon of these leggings intensifies them more than any camera+ filter could.

Not only do they come in amazingly gorgeous colours but because the fabric is thick it supports your legs, the same as a compression pant that many runners use.


You want these bad boys tight, or else (in the case of my black one’s, which I bought years ago when I was a different dress size) they will tend to fall down. So go with as small a size as you can – this will keep them in place and, like I said, provide support to your legs. Perfect for running, leg training sessions, biking etc.

Wear and washability

Truth be told I wear the black one’s so often, not just at the gym, but with a t-shirt, jumper or long racer back top for every day wear. Awesome, and comfy.

My black pair must be about 6 years old, washed and worn 1 millions times and still going strong – they look (and feel) the same as the day I bought them.

Impressive stuff American Apparel!

Check them out and buy online here

getfoxfit (review american apparel nylon leggings)


Review of Deborah’s Spray Tan Rotterdam (Biological Products)

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

Years ago I yearned to have a sunkissed bronze tan, however having the whitest of white Scottish skin with freckles that only goes red and then back to white in the sun made that pretty much impossible.

I did the same as many other young women, I used sunbeds (wouldn’t go near one now), tried fake tans, sat out in the sun with Factor 50 million, but nothing worked.  I pretty much gave up on having beautifully tanned skin like a surfer chick from California.  Instead I embraced my Dita Von Teese side and went with being (snow) white.

Being a bikini fitness athlete means that I need to get my tan on for the competitions and both my husband and I were wondering how I would look with a bit of colour, so off I went to my friend Google and started searching for an experienced spray tanner in Rotterdam who uses biological / the least chemically charged products, as after cancer I have been minimising the chemicals that I come into contact with.  After pressing “Google Search” I came across Deborah’s Spray Tan.

Awesome customer service!

I got in touch with Deborah (via WhatsApp) and she answered all my questions immediately.  What customer service. I really appreciate being able to contact a business and have a fast response, so I was already impressed.  She told me about the products she used, how it is applied, how it will be done etc.  She provided me with full instructions, pre-tan, to ensure long lasting beautiful colour.  I was prepared and excited!

Before, during and after

24 hours before our appointment I had to shower, shave and exfoliate (very well).

On the day itself – NO moisturiser and NO deo.  Wear black / dark coloured baggy clothes to the appointment and take an umbrella if it’s raining (as any drop of water will mess up the tan).

After the spray tan –  NO washing your hands and NO shower until the designated time after being sprayed.

The product

Deborah used the brand Siennasol – kind to sensitive skin, no alchohol, perfume, parabens or artificial preservatives.  Ticking all the right boxes for me, as I was in search of as natural a product as I could find.  You can go from light to dark, so we opted for a medium tan, since it was my first time and we could see how the product and my skin would develop the colour.
We chose to use the Siennasol Rapid Tan that develops in 4 hours, thus I could shower 4 hours after the spray tan was fully applied.

At the appointment

Deborah really took her time explaining how she would apply the tan and how it develops.  I love to know as much as I can about things so felt grateful that she told me everything without asking.  You can see she is passionate about her work and loves what she is doing.  I felt totally at ease and it was a joy being tanned by her.

The result and my thoughts

Wonderful!   Not too light and not too dark.  I honestly felt like I had returned from a month in Rio.  I felt sunkissed and like I had a natural tan – no orange fake tannedness at all.  No streaks, no marks.  A perfect all around tan.

Friends and family noticed immediately that there was something different.  My female friends and family noticed it was because I was tanned, the guys thought there was something different but wasn’t sure what haha.  One thing is for sure, my happiness shined and radiated through with my new tanned, glowing self.

I would highly recommend Deborah and getting a spray tan – it is not only awesome for a wedding, event, holiday, summer or photoshoot but also as a way to give yourself a little boost.  Happiness in a (spray) can, haha.  I certainly felt good and we all know when we feel good it shines through and you look good.  I even feel more tonned and slimmer with the tan.

How long did it last?

I’m writing and posting this 7 days after having it done and I’m still tanned.  Of course the first 2 days were darker, but the colour is still there.  Deborah had told me that it lasts for 5-7 days, depending on several factors.  Taking showers instead of baths will sustain the tan, as will moisturising every day / night.  I opted to buy and try the Vita Liberata tan extender from Deborah, which has certainly helped maintain the tan and colour.  This product is also organic and free from SLS and parabens.


I’m a big fan.  Very satisfied with the result and I have already made my next appointment.  Deborah, thanks so much for everything and see you soon.

Deborah’s Spray Tan online:





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Review of ENERGYbits

energybits (review by getfoxfit)

Searching for a natural alternative to energy / protein bars, drinks or gels?  ENERGYbits may just be what you are after.

I came across them whilst twittering and was interested to learn more about their product.

Since I like to be as clean as possible with food, supplements and ingredients I was excited to see that ENERGYbits are 100% natural and ‘clean’.

So what are ENERGYbits exactly?

They are food not pills.

No caffeine, sugar, chemicals, soy, or artificial ingredients.  They are Gluten free, 100% spirulina and 100% non GMO.  All sounds wonderful to me!

And they have over 64% protein.  Something that is important when you want to help your body repair cells and make new ones (and particularly build muscle tone).

They can be taken prior to workouts, competitions or athletic activities to improve energy, enhance performance and increase stamina.

They can also be taken when you are hungry, as a healthy snack or when you are fatigued to give you an energy boost and improve physical as well as mental alertness.

What are the health benefits?
  • Athletics/fitness performance
  • Beauty and skin health
  • Energy and focus
  • Heart health
  • Mental health
  • Weight loss

How do you take them?

Take 30 bits per serving.  It seems a lot but all you need is a few swigs of water and you are good to go.

My experience:

I chose to take mine as a pre-workout before Leg Day today.  The only pre-workout I have is a good old shot of black coffee, in the form of an espresso, so I wanted to try out ENERGYbits to see how it would fuel and power my workout.

My training was a good one, upping the weights and going heavy on sumo and narrow squats, leg extensions, hack squats, adductors and abductors  – so all good there.  I usually skip cardio after a heavy leg training, as it’s a big muscle group, however I hopped on my bike, took advantage of the sun and did a 30 minute cycle through Rotterdam.  Thus, I would conclude that I had more energy than usual during and after my workout today.

A few years ago when I tried a pre-workout it left me feeling fuzzy and on edge, so was happy that ENERGYbits didn’t produce any of those side effects.

One of the biggest plus points for me is that there were no ill effects on my stomach.  Since being ‘clean’ (from both cancer and processed foods) my stomach reacts very quickly to things that it’s not used to, so it was great not to have any stomach distress.

Another huge plus point for me is that it’s natural.  I found this chart very interesting.  It shows the calories, sugar, chemical additives and protein that are in various energy bars, snacks and drinks.  The ‘% protein per gram’ and ‘% artificial ingredients’ got my attention.

It’s a product that I enjoyed using – quick and easy to consume, natural, clean and with no dodgy toxins or ill effects.  Thanks for fueling my training AND powering one of my favorite bike rides through the city today.

Check out ENERGYbits online:






Let’s talk supplementation

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)

Supplements.  We all have our favorites.  I spent a lot of time researching and reading (especially the all important ‘Ingredients’ label) on the vitamins, supplements and protein powders I was keen on.

I’m mainly getting all my nutrients, vitamins and energy from healthy food sources however since  I’m pretty much vegan / macrobiotic I need some extra help in the protein department as protein is necessary to build and restore muscle.

As I only have 1 kidney now and since I don’t eat meat, eggs or diary I was looking for a vegan protein powder that is as clean and natural as possible (I’m all about minimising toxins and don’t want to put extra stress on my kidney).  After researching I have decided on GOOD Hemp Protein which I bought from De Tuinen.

I have been using it for 2 weeks now and am very happy with it.  No bloating, no weird smells in the shaker cup (we all know how crazy shaker cups can smell – ‘get your gas mask on’ haha) and no adverse affects.  I feel energized and since surgery have learned to understand and listen to my body, which gives the GOOD Hemp Protein 2 thumbs up.  The taste is a little strange, especially if you are used to the sweetened flavors of normal protein shakes (banana anyone?!) however you get used to it.  It tastes a little ‘earthy’ in all honesty, but I’m good with that :)

As well as GOOD Hemp Protein I am taking Solgar Vegetarian Multiple and Omega 3 Fish Oil.

No fat burners or pre workout.  My pre workout is a cup of black coffee or an expresso.  As for fat burners, I just don’t feel happy using them.  I would rather lower my body fat % through good clean nutrition, workouts and cardio.

Hope that helps anyone looking for supplementation.  Always happy to answer any questions!