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Flexcup Weekend 2014 – Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 []

Last weekend the Flexcup took place in which I competed in the Bikini Fitness class. What an competition, event and show!  So many amazing athletes under one roof and just such a great vibe and energy over the 2 days.

After attending the event last year and setting the goal to enter this year I’m so grateful to have competed.

I am extremely happy to have been placed in the finals and take home a medal.

Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 [] Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 []

Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 []

Like I have been writing on our Instagram

Every day is a gift, every moment an experience, every breath a blessing and every goal set a time for growth.

My Flexcup prep has been a blast and I’ve loved every step of the way.

I’ve fallen deeper in love with body building, body changing and body sculpting – the trainings, the science, the nutrition, the psychology. A wonderful journey.

Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 []

Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 []

Massive thanks to my coach @jerrykoolhoven for all his guidance, expertise and faith in me👌

My sponsor XXL Nutrition for all their wonderful continued support – #XXLnutrition team you rock! 💯

MUA @prs_and_poptarts – not just a talented bodyfitness athlete but a true make up genius💄

Tattoo artist @davevartantattoo for my ink ⚓️

Mr Fox for absolutely everything (and for my beautiful bikini) 💚

Mega thanks to everyone who has taken the time to follow the journey so far and for all your support 🙌

Lisanne Vos (Fox Gym, Rotterdam - foxgymfam) Flexcup 2015 []

Bodybuilding – a never ending journey… As people we can always try our best to be better, in all areas of our lives. Excited to work towards new goals in the next weeks, months and year ⭐️

2015 – There are some exciting goals for you… Can’t wait!!! #ZinInnnn

For all the results and finalist photos click here.

P.S.  Maarten and I are currently putting in the hours and hard work to make sure our new gym (Fox Gym) will have all the equipment you need to reach your goals.

Want to join the Fox Gym Fam?  Pre-sign up has started!  One month membership for free to the first 50 pre-sign ups (first come, first served) – send an email to: with the subject “foxgymfam”.  Can’t wait to train with you guys there!


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Latest Contest Prep Video – 5 Weeks Out FlexCup | 6 Weeks Out Ironman 2014

Where has the time gone?!

Since the Enercup contest it’s been all go and it’s high time for a new contest prep video :)

Below is our latest, documenting a few trainings during our contest prep – Maarten at 6 weeks out of the Ironman/Ironmaiden and myself at 5 weeks out of the FlexCup.

Both of us are working on bringing a few changes to our physiques, so it’s full steam ahead! LESGO!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube for more vlogs and updates!


Proud to be an XXL Nutrition Athlete

Lisanne Vos - XXL Nutrition Athlete I’m excited, privileged and honoured to announce that I’m an XXL Nutrition sponsored athlete.

Having their support means so much to me and I’m excited to be part of the XXL team, which includes great athletes such as Jeffrey Suijkerbuijk, Evelien Nellen – van Pelt and Robin Brantz to name a few.

The XXL brand has become a household name for many athletes and the XXL Nutrition supplement store is growing each and every day with an awesome product range to meet various sporting needs.

Being the “health nut” I am there are quite a few items I’m extremely excited about such as the Green Protein (coming soon) and the XXL Super Food – RAW food line, including Maca Powder, Spirulina Powder and Acai Berry Powder.

Proud and happy to be part of the XXL team. You can follow my XXL athlete blog over on the XXL Forum.

Check out and follow XXL online:


Facebook Lisanne Vos - XXL Nutrition Athlete


47 Bikini Competition Bag Essentials (to take Backstage and to the Contest)

47 Bikini Competition Bag Essentials (

I complied this list for my last contests so thought it would be good to share in case anyone is looking for a checklist – Essentials that you need for the competition and throughout the day.

  1. Zip lock bags (to put your things in – like your bikini, jewellery, make up etc.  Since they are see-through you can easily find things.)
  2. Bikini
  3. Extra bikini (if you have that)
  4. Posing heels
  5. Extra posing heels (if you have them)
  6. Anti-slip pads for heels
  7. Black robe
  8. Black sweatpants, t-shirt / vest, hoodie
  9. Change of clothes (if you are going out after the show)
  10. Competition jewellery
  11. Make-up
  12. False eyelashes and glue
  13. League / competition passport
  14. Printed ticket
  15. Printed coach ticket (if applicable)
  16. Printed passport photo (if necessary, for your pass)
  17. Print out of the competition programme
  18. ID card
  19. Directions to and from venue
  20. Cash (for the exhibition stands / food / spray tanner / Make Up Artist)
  21. Face towel
  22. Padlock for locker / lock for bag
  23. Resistance bands (to warm up with)
  24. Flip-flops
  25. Latex gloves (to help others with their tanning)
  26. Box of tissues
  27. Mini sewing kit
  28. Safety pins
  29. Lip balm
  30. Lipstick (store in easy place for touch ups)
  31. Dental floss
  32. Bikini Bite
  33. Super glue (in case of posing suit / bikini mishaps)
  34. Hair appliances (straightener, curler)
  35. Hairspray
  36. Dry shampoo
  37. Hairbrush
  38. Hair clip (small and large)
  39. Nail file
  40. Cotton buds
  41. Water
  42. Food / snacks for throughout the day
  43. Food for post contest
  44. Phone & charger
  45. Mirror
  46. Coffee
  47. Plasters

Good luck to all the athletes who are competing this weekend and in the upcoming contests!  I’m extremely excited to be competing and hope to see you guys there… don’t forget to stop by, say hello, take some selfies and try out the yummy protein pancakes and bars at the XXL Nutrition stand :)

PS… searching for a new gym?  Fox Gym is opening in Rotterdam from February.  To join the #foxgymfam email: for more info!

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Why enter a Bikini & Fitness Model Competition?

Last summer I remember saying to Mr Fox that I was ready for a challenge – something that would be life changing and possibly one of the hardest things I have ever done – so a Bikini & Fitness Model Competition it was.  Well, that was the plan…

In reality the ‘something that would be life changing’ came in another form – kidney cancer, which put the competition on hold.  Hitting it hard in the gym changed to hitting it hard at home, resting and getting back on my feet after surgery.  If you are interested the whole story (from diagnosis to surgery to recovery) is documented here.

The latter half of 2013 was interesting…  going from being active and carefree to having to build up the strength to walk just a few paces.  At 6.5 weeks post surgery I hit the gym, it was truly an awesome experience to get back in there and focus on something.  It was my therapy both physically and mentally.

On the day of my first CT Scan results, since surgery, I was ecstatic to receive the ‘all clear’ of cancer (woooo hooooo), however they did find that I had pneumonia.   So I was back on the bench for a few weeks again.  Gutted.  Just as I was getting in the zone, I had to rest again.

Now that we are back on track I am more than ready to take on the challenge of competing.  I truly feel the drive that is needed, both physically and mentally.   We have found an awesome coach/trainer/nutritionist who will guide and push us.  Both myself and Mr Fox will compete in our first competition this year.  It’s awesome to have the same passions, goals and now a challenge.  Bodybuilding / women’s Bikini & Fitness Model competitions are no joke – they take focus, drive, determination and motivation.  It’s not just about getting to the gym, lifting weights or doing cardio… the main challenge is what happens in the kitchen and food wise.  Luckily we will know and understand what the other is going through and will be there to support each other 24/7, it’s a journey we are excited to take together.

After telling friends and family about our goals there have been a few questions (including the most asked – will you have to fake tan?) and I have written a little FAQ here.

You can also check out more progress pics and training videos on:




Beast mode: ON :)

Lisanne Vos (getfoxfit)


Types and breakdown of women’s bodybuilding contest divisions

When I first became interested in fitness and weights I didn’t know that there were various classes and categories for female ‘bodybuilders’.  I won’t lie I thought there was just ‘bodybuilding’ and that was it, but no, there are various divisions for women.

Since deciding upon entering a contest many friends and family have been interested in my goals and have been surprised to hear there are indeed more than 1 category, so I thought it would be handy to outline the differences in divisions / contests here.

Below you will see an example of the 4 main divisions featuring the elite of the sport.  These women have all won numerous titles and are at the top of their game.  From left to right: Bikini division: Ashley Kaltwasser, Figure division: Nicole Wilkins, Fitness division: Adela Garcia, Physique division: Dana Linn Bailey.

women's divisions

To help break it down further here are short descriptions of the 4 divisions / competitions for female athletes:

1. Bikini

In this category women are very lean. The judges are looking for a more softer look than that of the other categories (they are not looking for the same muscle mass or definition as that of the fitness, figure or physique competitors). Competitors are judged based on balance, poise and physical appearance, from front and back angles. Think tight and toned, Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret models.

2. Figure

Judges are looking for the same type of physique as fitness competitors however there isn’t a fitness routine, only posing. Competitors are judged from all angles and the goal is to have an athletic appearance – wide shoulders with slim hips and thighs. Think conditioned and more a defined physique than that of the bikini class, Oxygen magazine / Fitness models.

3. Fitness

The goal is to be athletic in appearance and the judges are looking at your shape from different angles. One thing that sets this division aside from the others is that there is a fitness routine set to music where competitors show off their flexibility, gymnastic training, strength and physical fitness. Think fit and athletic appearance.

4. Physique

In this division competitors are looking at lean muscle mass with very little body fat. Comparisons are made of the athletes (in groups) when they perform poses that show off their muscle definition.

I’m excited to be starting contest prep in January, where I will meet with our Contest Coach / Nutritionist / Trainer.  The main thing right now is to get in shape and prepare – the division choice comes later, but I reckon Bikini Division is on the cards.  Exciting!