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2 Weeks Out (Bikini Competition Prep) Growth and Creating Yourself


Lisanne Vos (@getoxfit) and Nieske (@sniezel6)

Mood status of this whole week:  “I’m excited about Everything.”

Every single day and every single hour this week has been filled with excitement, ideas and creating something.

Time has just flown by.

One quote that has been on my mind a lot, on this Quickest Week Ever, is:

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself


Since I can remember I was always concerned with ‘finding my purpose’ and trying to ‘figure it out’, however over the course of this year I can sincerely say that life is, like the quote says, about creating yourself.  Essentially – growth.

Finding the things that make you tick, that make you happy, that ignite passion within you, that make you smile, that make you want to get up in the morning.  Those things you would do when you are given a free day off.  It’s also about trying new things, broadening  your horizons, daring to do things, stepping out your comfort zone, gaining knowledge on things that interest you, using the gift, called learning, and more…

This whole contest prep has essentially been about creation and along the way I can say I have definitely found out one or two things about myself, which gives me a good feeling that there are far more adventures on the way.  Growth.

Maarten and I have had many brainstorming moments this week, it’s crazy.  One thing that we’ve spoken about, and wanted to do for quite some time, has been to create a YouTube channel.  So instead of just talking about it, we finally took action and are filming, producing, editing and uploading videos, starting with our Enercup Contest Prep Series (check out the latest one here).  We are updating our channel every week, but I have a feeling that there will be many more videos to come in the not so distant future :)

As well as videos we also had a photoshoot with fellow Team JK team mate and IFBB Bikini Athlete Nieske yesterday.  The pic above is a quick snap we took in between shots in our made to measure, one of a kind, gorgeous Fashion Swimwear ByViola.  Cannot wait to show you the final images!!!

As of today, just 13 days left.  After all the hard work these past few months there is an extra incentive and drive to stay focused.  Every day counts, and yes I am counting every day.

We are putting the final touches on our latest video, so please don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube for video updates!

Right, now I’m off to tick off my Bikini Bag Checklist – and get things packed & ready to go.


Author: Fox

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